True Blood is the type of compelling genre show that’s bound to find a massive following on DVD.  The first season of the series has already sucked in millions of loyal viewers, but people without HBO probably haven’t had a chance to see the sexy vampire drama.  In an effort to expose the series to an even broader audience, HBO will be releasing the first season DVD set on Tuesday, May 12.  That’ll give True Blood fans just enough time to rewatch the first 12 episodes before season 2 kicks off next summer.

HBO hasn’t released the DVD cover art or a list of special features just yet, but we do know that the episodes will be in anamorphic widescreen and with Dolby surround sound.  If I was putting together my wish list of special features, I’d hope that series creator Alan Ball records a couple commentaries for the set.  I’d also like to see some sort of featurette about how the show was adapted from the Charlaine Harris book series.  HBO’s online store currently has the five-disc set listed for $59.99, which is quite a steal compared to the network’s other DVD releases.  Compare that to The Sopranos season 6 DVDs, which are currently on sale for $120, and True Blood seems like an absolute bargain.

This is one DVD set that I personally can’t wait to pick up.  I was lucky enough to experience the True Blood roller-coaster ride from the beginning, but I have friends who have been waiting to test drive the show on DVD.  I’m hoping this set can introduce the series to a horde of new fans.  If the first season sells well enough, expect a ratings surge for the show’s season 2 premiere.

Keep checking BuddyTV for updates on the DVD set.  We’ll release the list of extras and a glimpse at the cover art as soon as they’re available.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: HBO
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