Last week we reported that Gossip Girl‘s Dorota, who is easily the best maid on television, will be getting her own series of mobisodes that will air exclusively on Verizon phones.  While that may be the most hilarious spin-off idea ever, it seems that the CW has even bigger plans to expand the Gossip Girl universe.  Variety is reporting that the network, which recently canceled plans to produce a Smallville companion series, is looking to create an official spin-off of the scandalous teen soap.  There’s no word on what the show would be about or which characters would be involved, but the CW may use an episode of Gossip Girl later this season to introduce the concept and test audience reaction.

Fans of the Gossip Girl books likely know that the series already inspired a literary spin-off called The It Girl.  That series follows the adventures of Jenny Humphrey, who was sent off to the Waverly Prep boarding school after causing too much trouble on the Upper East Side.  GG fans would probably be as excited for a Little J spin-off as they would an Aaron Rose variety hour, which is why the CW won’t be going in that direction.  There’s a good chance the new show would focus on one of the show’s nine regular characters, but it won’t be Jenny Humphrey.

Who would you be willing to watch in a spin-off?  Chuck, Blair, Dan and Serena obviously need to stay right where they are, but I could see Nate moving elsewhere due to all of his family troubles.  I’d certainly watch a new series starring Chace Crawford, even if his character did end up dragging Vanessa with him.  Maybe Vanessa would be more interesting in a new locale, though I kind of doubt it.  I’d also like to see more of Eric’s shenanigans, especially since Connor Paolo doesn’t get nearly enough screen time.

The Gossip Girl spin-off is still in the very early stages, but the network is thinking about setting up the idea in a future season 2 episode.  If the CW decides to move forward with the project, fans can expect it to hit the air next season.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Source: Variety
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