During last week’s episode, Sookie and the other non-vampire regulars attended Terry’s funeral, while our vampires destroyed Vamp Camp via a bloody massacre that included the true death of Steve Newlin. In this week’s season finale, “Radioactive,” Bilith has to pay a price for his bad behavior, a new threat arises that impacts both humans and vampires and we learn what the future holds for Sookie and Warlow. Read on to find out what kind of insanity True Blood delivers in the season 6 finale.

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Sookie’s Family Ties

After Terry’s funeral, Sookie and Alcide take a little walk to remind viewers that these two still have plenty of sexual tension to work through. During their walk, they spot the Vamp Camp vampire survivors having a daylight party. Sookie spots Jason and leaves Alcide behind to reconnect with her brother.

Jason introduces Sookie to Violet and her “European” ways, which leads to a kiss likely to delight many fans. After catching up with Jason, Sookie reunites with Tara and a still-high Pam, who hugs Sookie because of said high. Bill, no longer feeling the pull of Lilith, watches on like a kid not allowed to play outside with his friends.

Save Sookie

Sookie leaves her friends to join Benlow in Fae Land. Benlow is already preparing their faerie wedding ceremony, but Sookie tells him she wants to put the breaks on the whole impromptu marriage thing. Sookie asks if he would consider dating her and becoming a part of her life before they tie the knot. Benlow, revealing his true nature, hits Sookie and makes it clear that he is only after her blood, not her heart. Benlow keeps Sookie imprisoned in Fae Land, intending to make her his faerie-vampire bride against her will.

Back on this plane, Bill tells Jessica that his Lilith-given abilities are gone and he is back to his old self, so now he feels guilty for how he treated Sookie. Jessica convinces Bill that he has the chance to put things right by saving Sookie now and Bill goes to Jason for help. They require a faerie light to gain access to Fae Land, so Adilyn is brought in. Andy and Violet come along as well.

Sookie’s friends rescue her from Benlow and take her back home, but Benlow is close behind. Because Sookie is the one character this show will never kill off, she is saved once again when Grandpa Niall comes back from the other dimension. Niall and Jason work together to stake Benlow. But Benlow’s death is not the blessing it may appear to be, at least not for one of our vampires.

Is This Real?

Benlow’s death causes all of those who had his blood to lose their fae-given abilities. For Bill, this is probably a good thing, as it brings him one step closer to sanity. For Eric, on the other hand, it is a VERY BAD THING. Eric disappeared at the end of last week’s episode and we find him sun-bathing in the buff moments before the faerie blood in his system wears off. As viewers watch in horror, Eric appears to meet the true death via sunlight.

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6 Months Later

In a fantastic twist, we flash-forward several months to find a world very different from the one we have existed in all season, including the first 30 minutes of this week’s finale.

In this new world, the Hep V virus has infected a good chunk of the vampire population — non-vamps do not get sick from the virus, but they can be carriers — making things very dangerous for humans. We also learn that the people of Bon Temps, like many others around the world, no longer trust the government and have chosen to rely on their own community for protection.

In relationship news, Alcide and Sookie are now a couple and Jason is in a committed relationship with Violet, despite still not receiving an invitation to her vamp pants party. In other developments, Sam is now the mayor of Bon Temps and Bill has become the leading expert on the Hep V situation.

Mayor Sam — that has such a nice ring to it — tells a church full of Bon Temps citizens that he has been working closely with Vampire Bill to come up with a solution to this new threat. Their plan is pretty simple — an uninfected human will agree to become a blood source for a healthy vampire in exchange for protection of that human and their family.

The Threat Brings Everyone Together

With the new blood-for-protection deal, Tara’s mother decides it is time to make amends for being such a bad mother and offers to be Tara’s donor. Jessica also takes the opportunity to make amends, offering to serve as protection for Andy and Adilyn, sans blood exchange. And Bill make a similar offer to Sookie, claiming he is back to his old can-be-trusted self. Sookie is the only one who turns down the offer, though she may change her mind now that an entire pack of infected vampires have arrived in Bon Temps.

Eric’s Possible Savior?

We do not see Pam in the second half of the episode, as she decides to take off to find Eric before the halfway mark. Tara is about as pleased as Pam was when Eric disappeared last week, but Tara’s loss could be Eric’s gain. After all, we only see Eric burst into flames, something many vampires have done and survived in the past. It is possible — and rather likely, given Eric’s popularity — that Pam arrived at Eric’s side before that true death really took.

What did you think of the season 6 finale? Were you disappointed that Benlow turned out to be evil? Do you think he is really dead or was his demise a little too convenient? If Pam did get to Eric in time, why haven’t they returned to Bon Temps? Do you think Bill can be trusted or is Sookie right in turning him down? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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