In the aftermath of the Pearson Darby merger on Suits, Harvey has been focused on one client, Ava Hessington, and using Darby’s affection for her to move his way up in the firm. In “Shadow of a Doubt,” manipulations continued to be the driving force at the firm and in Ava’s case.

Harvey has always been one to push the limits of the law for his clients and use legal maneuvers to outwit and outplay his opponents. At the end of last season, he began to use those same moves against Hardman and even Jessica.

While they were able to get Hardman out of the firm, Jessica rushed into the partnership with Darby in order to push her former partner out of the picture, but it came at a great cost. She not only lost controlling interest in her own firm, but she lost the trust of the firm’s (and her) biggest weapon — Harvey.

It’s been uncomfortable to watch the strife between Harvey and Jessica. They worked better when they were on the same side fighting for their clients. Now, it’s a case of who can outmaneuver not only the opposing council but each other as well.

When Jessica went behind Harvey’s back and worked with Louis, Ava lost her company, but Harvey also thought he lost his opportunity to become Managing Partner. Darby is a smart man though and realized what Jessica did, took his anger and doubled down on Harvey.

Jessica’s oblivious to Darby’s side deals and she’ll most likely be blindsided when Harvey is made Managing Partner or the deal comes out, but she shouldn’t be. She’s been acting out against Darby with temper tantrums instead of being a team player and there are consequences for that.

The intriguing twist to it all is that Stephen ended up making a move of his own without Harvey’s knowledge that risked their plan to save Ava. A rival businessman is unlikely to help clear Ava’s name if his own family is threatened. Duh. Though, it’s not like Harvey hasn’t used a person’s family as leverage before.

Stephen’s move forced Harvey to go to Jessica for help. While Stephen was right in a way that Jessica helped “dig her own grave,” in a surprise move she may have saved herself. Did Jessica put Harvey’s name on the wall as a healing gesture? Or, was she just making a move to help her against Darby?

Those two reasons are not mutually exclusive. Jessica most likely was doing both. It wasn’t and isn’t in the firm’s interest for her and Harvey to continue to be at odds. They are both stronger when they are working together for their clients and the firm. And, I’m sure she’d rather be by Harvey’s side than having him get closer to Stephen and Darby.

Should Harvey trust Jessica? Yes. I believe he should. They have been through a lot together and through her relationship with Darby truly seems to have begun to understand Harvey’s point of view. 

While putting Harvey’s name on the wall is definitely a political move against Darby, it comes from a genuine appreciation for Harvey. I hope so at least. I’d love to see Harvey and Jessica team up and face off against Stephen and Darby. That would be an epic battle for control. 

Most likely, Harvey will clear Ava of the murder charges and be forced to pick a side when given the Managing Partner position. He’ll either accept it and side with the Brits or turn it down and back Jessica. I hope it ends up being the later.

For now, it’s time for Harvey to save Ava and beat the despicable Cameron Dennis! Next week, it’s flashback time to find out what happened between Harvey and his former mentor and how he ended up working with Jessica. That should be insightful. Plus … the can opener!

Odds and Ends

  • Mike and Rachel working together was a pleasant surprise. They worked well together questioning the witness. And, the circumstances reflected on their own relationship. Will Rachel be able to continue to live with Mike’s secret?
  • Rachel’s decision to not tell Mike about Stanford makes sense for several reasons, but more importantly their ability to work it out speaks volumes for the long term viability of their relationship. She potentially has a big decision to make for her future and it may or may not include Mike. They love each other, but sometimes that’s not enough.
  • Donna’s relationship with Stephen was HOT! Her conversation with Harvey about it … was not. Awkward. I loved the honest and adult discussion that Donna and Harvey were able to have about it.
  • Even though Donna and Stephen tried to keep work and fun separate, she stood by her man, Harvey, when it counted. Though, at least it wasn’t a permanent divide. She deserves some fun and to come to work with a “glow.”
  • Louis and Nigel are the funniest pairing on the show. The spa scene was hilarious, though Nigel probably went too far with the gifts for the Associates. 
  • A cat brings Louis and Nigel together. 

Will Harvey accept Jessica’s offer as a gesture? Or, a chess move? Ultimately, will he side with her over the Brits? How much do you love Louis and Nigel? Are you looking forward to the flashback to how it all began?

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