The second season of True Blood has repeatedly toyed with the idea of a Sookie-Eric hook-up, whether it’s just in Sookie’s dreams or in palpable hints insinuated by Eric himself.  This very premise has seemingly divided fans of the HBO vampire series— with some rooting for Bill and Sookie, while others are hoping for a Sookie-Eric pairing. To shed light on the subject, Alexander Skarsgard, who plays vampire Eric, spoke to Entertainment Weekly and revealed what’s bound to happen on True Blood.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!

According to Skarsgard, a hook-up is definitely in the cards between Eric and Anna Paquin’s character. “It’s bound to happen at some point,” he said. “There is definitely something between Sookie and Eric.”

On the other hand, Skarsgard wouldn’t say if the much-awaited hook-up will commence in season 3. “I’m not sure if it’s going to happen now or anytime soon or in season three, but eventually,” he said. “It’s a big part of the book, so I think something will happen at some point. I’ll do my best to mess things up between Sookie and Bill. We’ll see how well I do!”

Aside from the Eric-Sookie pairing, Skarsgard also revealed that he wishes to see a different side of his character when True Blood returns next year. “Hopefully I get to show more of everything and explore Eric and show different sides of his personality,” he said. “Season two was a lot of fun because in season one, you just got a little taste of Eric; you didn’t get to know him that well.”

“I think a lot of people after season one saw Eric as just Bill’s evil boss, and I would always have to defend Eric because I definitely thought that there was more to the character than first meets the eye,” he added. “Season two was fun because it was a great opportunity to show that there is more to Eric than just an evil entrepreneur.”

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Kris De Leon

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