Back in season 8, we were treated to the arrival of the Legion of Super-Heroes led by the determined Rokk aka Cosmic Boy.  The actor who portrayed that character, Ryan Kennedy, will apparently be making yet another appearance on television.  According to KryptonSite, he’s been cast in a role for the Syfy series Caprica.

There hasn’t been any word on what Kennedy will be playing on the Battlestar Galactica spin-off, but it sounds as though it’s an important one.  Word is, he’ll be on the series for multiple episodes.

Caprica is set to air as a regular series in the United States on January 22, 2010.  If you’re missing his powerful performance as Cosmic Boy on Smallville, catch Ryan Kennedy’s appearance on the 14th episode.  There are 19 in all for the series’ first season, with the pilot episode already available on DVD.

While we wait for Caprica to kick off, those who are fans of Ryan Kennedy may want to see him on the recently aired fourth episode of the series V.   He played the character David on “It’s Only the Beginning,” which established him as an actor to watch out for.

In the past, he’s been spotted on shows like SGU Stargate Universe, Psych, and even Flashpoint.  His move from Smallville to Caprica only gives us a sight of what path he wishes to take in his career.

Kennedy has also been noted for his role in another drama, which aired on CTV.  He portrayed Travis Hollier on the second season of Whistler, back in 2007.  Other roles have been on Blade: The Series and several TV movies.  On the big screen, the actor has appeared on The Break-Up Artist and the David S. Goyer-directed The Invisible.

If you wish to relive his Cosmic Boy days though, there’s always his appearance on the episode “Legion,” which was written by comic book scribe Geoff Johns.  He even returned for “Doomsday”, the season 8 finale.

While we can’t exactly see Rokk on Caprica, we’ll still catch a glimpse of Ryan Kennedy in his new sci-fi role when the series airs next year.

Source: KryptonSite
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Maria Gonzalez

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