You heard me! These are the top nine moments shared by Lois and Clark during the ninth season of Smallville (so far), which just happens to take place during the year 2009 too. How sweet is that? Admittedly, these two shared so many incredible scenes this season that choosing only nine proved rather daunting, but hopefully you approve…

 9. Clark: “Shouldn’t you be riding a mechanical bull somewhere? It is Friday night.”

     Lois: “Correction! It’s movie night. I hope you like sharks!”

The sight of Clark’s living room buried under mounds of Lois’ laundry proved hilarious enough, but add in the ensuing comments about multi-tasking, finding herself shirtless, and one particular moment involving Clark’s hand entangling itself in one of Lois’ bras? Priceless, absolutely priceless.

8. Lois: “Clark Kent, you’re back! I was beginning to think your family lived on some distant planet.”

I love the irony of this statement combined with the genuine happiness evident on Lois’ face as she practically launched herself across the room and into Clark’s arms. Apparently absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.

7. Lois: “You know what they say–all’s fair in love and war!”

    Clark: “What’s it gonna be for us Lois? Love or war?”

That is the question, is it not?

6. Clark: “Lois, I died when you left.”

    Lois: “I’m here now.”

What I loved about this scene was not the amount of skin, but the serious tone of the exchange between Lois and Clark. Too often the conversations between these two revolve solely around witty banter and double-entendres–which I love! But every now and then I enjoy the reminder that their relationship is not merely superficial, but built on an honest friendship and understanding developed over the past five years, since Lois first arrived in Smallville.

5. Clark: “Lois, what are we doing?”

    Lois: “I’m eating a maple donut and you’re kind of invading my personal space.”

    Clark: “I mean ‘us.’ Lois and Clark. Clark and Lois. As a couple.”

And the title “couple” makes its first appearance! Followed not by Lois fleeing the room at the behest of her tightly wound bolt reflex, but instead taking Clark’s hand in one of the simplest, but sweetest moments shared by the two.

4. Lois: “I’ve always known deep down that you were a hero.”

And she simply let go…Who knew Lois could be so self-sacrificing? Is this the same girl who ended her relationship with Oliver because she could not bear to share him with the world? How she has grown and how I hate that she cannot be allowed to know the truth of Clark’s identity! (Ignore me for a moment while I grumble under my breath about the need for Smallville to follow the established mythos.) Lois beyond proved herself throughout this entire episode and I could not have been more proud of her.

3. Lois: “But I do remember seeing a whole new side of Clark Kent.”

    Clark: “Which side was that?”

    Lois: “I’ll give you a hint: it starts with ‘H’ and ends with ‘-ERO.'”

    Clark: “I wasn’t even wearing red or blue.”

In my opinion, this scene represented a turning point for Lois and Clark. He removed Lana’s photo from his wallet, while Lois opened her eyes (both literally and figuratively) and saw the real hero within Clark, rather than merely a smalltown farmboy. That moment when she attempts to puch his arm and he catches her fist, preventing the completion of the traditional act, says everything about the way their relationship is evolving.

2. Lois: “It’s just sometimes I feel like I see a whole other side of you than anyone else.”

    Clark: “Lois?”

    Lois: “It’s okay. It’s my hero complex to resolve. I take the nicest guy that I know and I weigh him down with all this shining armour and it’s not fair. Nobody can be two different people.”

    Clark: “I wish I could.”

Not only did Clark Kent don glasses during this scene, Lois’ stopped dithering between Clark and the Blur and made a decision. Even better? She chose not the fantasy, but the real man standing right in front of her and as the heroines of classic movies–think Hepburn and Tracey–when she shared a kiss with the ‘one,’ her foot popped!

1. Chloe: “Lois is not up for auction. Look, for once, try not to second guess things. All you have to do is ask yourself: what do you want?”

I know–this quote is not from the scene specifically shared by Lois and Clark, but I consider it the catalyst for the single greatest moment shared by them this season: the KISS! The first one hundred percent real and present kiss that changed all the rules for our favorite couple. Oh, and kudos to the writing team. After years of building anticipation, this scene could have fallen flat, but instead of proving anti-climactic, it actually exceeded expectations. Happy, happy day!

Missing any of your favorites? If so, shout ’em out below!

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-Trish Neale, BuddyTV Fan Columnist

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