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Zac Efron as Troy Bolton

Troy Bolton of Disney’s hit made-for-TV film High School Musical is played by Zac Efron. A handsome young man, Troy is the basic jock. He is the captain of the East High Wildcats basketball team, and is a heartthrob at his school. His father, Jack Bolton, is not only an alumni of the same school but is now the coach of the basketball team.

Troy never sang in public before, as he kept his singing in the shower. However, at a New Years party at a ski resort, he was pressured to sing on stage with a girl he did not know at the time. They exchanged names and got each other’s pictures.

During the start of school season, Gabriella Montez became the new girl in town and in school. Troy was surprised to see that she was the girl he sang with back at the resort. The two became friends, much to popular girl Sharpay Evan’s chagrin, as she wanted Troy for herself.

When the school musical came up, Troy got torn between his basketball duties and his singing with Gabriella. Their participation further angered Sharpay, who was the most popular choice for the lead actress in school plays. She got her brother, Ryan, to compete with Gabriella and Troy, and subsequently schemed to schedule the audition call backs at the same time as the basketball game and the decathlon in which Gabriella participated in. However, Troy, Gabriella and their friends planned a way to get to all the activities as to not miss the call backs. Eventually, Sharpay’s plans failed, and Troy and Gabriella were able to showcase their talents to the school.

In the second installment of High School Musical, Troy was hired to work for a resort owned by Sharpay’s family. There, Sharpay schemed to steal him from Gabriella, who also worked there as a lifeguard. Sharpay’s devious schemes almost worked, but in the end, Troy and Gabriella’s love, with the help of their friends at East High, led them back to each other’s arms.

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