The Young and the Restless begins right after yesterday’s performance by Enrique Iglesias.  Karen and Neil are having drinks at Indigo.  Neil has to close up the club, and Karen offers to help him.  Heather stares across the room at Paul and Maggie, when Cane comes by and offers her another drink.  Lauren invites Paul and Maggie to come over to her and Michael’s house for drinks.  Michael and Paul are worried about Lauren’s mental state.

Nikki and JT talk to Victoria at her bedside when all of a sudden, the machines she’s hooked up to begin beeping loudly.  They panic and call for a nurse.  The machine registered an elevated blood pressure, but the nurse measured her blood pressure and found it to be normal.  The nurse will replace the machine, and JT and Nikki sigh with relief.

Cane’s got his hands full, getting drinks for Heather and flirting with Lily.  This makes Lily feel foolish, however.  What else is new?

JT and Nikki thank Adrian, who stopped by the hospital with Colleen, for being with Victoria during the collapse.

Lauren and Michael are back home with Maggie and Paul.  Everyone is concerned about Lauren, who talks about hiding out in bomb shelters during World War II.  She’s cold, so Michael brings her a sweater.  But Lauren starts to have a panic attack because she feels like the sweater is constricting her.  She tries to rip the sweater off as Michael tries to calm her down and Paul runs to get her medication.

At Indigo, Heather confides in Cane that a very good friend of hers, someone she looks up to and respects (she’s talking about Paul, of course) has done something illegal.  She had overheard Paul talking about kidnapping Sheila Carter in yesterday’s episode of The Young and the Restless.  She realizes that as the assistant District Attorney, she has to turn Paul in.

Lauren blows into a paper bag, but she doesn’t look any calmer.  Her anti-anxiety meds aren’t kicking in yet.  Paul coaches her on breathing.

Heather asks Cane to get out of here.  He agrees, but it doesn’t go unnoticed by Lily.

It’s past visiting hours, but Adrian and Colleen are still at the hospital.  Colleen is worried about JT’s health.  Victor walks in.

Lauren finally calms down and the others tell her what caused the collapse.  She is shocked that it was Victor.

Colleen and Adrian are finally home.  Adrian is still beating himself up for slowing Victoria down and causing her to get hit on the head on the way out.  They are about to kiss when they are interrupted by Lily, who needs to talk to Colleen.  Lily comes in, full of angst, and tells her that she feels so alone.

Indigo is empty now, all except for Neil and Karen.  They are dancing closely to soft jazz.  They get very close, Neil says that he can’t believe that he’s here with her.  She says that there’s no pressure and they can wait until the time is right.  But I guess htat time is now, because Neil goes in for a kiss.  Then he picks her up to carry her off to the back office, presumably, to have some fun.

Michael and Lauren leave to get some fresh air.  Maggie points out to Paul that he is still very close to Lauren, even after the divorce.  She finds it reassuring that they are still on good terms.

Lily tells Colleen and Adrian that she feels alone because everyone she sees is paired off with someone except for her.

Cane drives Heather home.  She invites him inside, but he makes excuses that he can’t.  She rushes out of the car, but only after giving him a big kiss.

JT holds Victoria’s hands and notices that they are swollen.

Karen and Neil have finished their lovemaking and lounge on the couch.  Karen asks if he’s having any regrets, but he says no.  Neil tells her that he hasn’t experienced happiness like this in so long.  He doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life alone.

Heather is at home.  She leaves a message with a colleague to pull all the files they have on Sheila Carter when she gets into the office.

Michael is worried that after all the progress Lauren has made, her mental state and panic attacks are back to the way they were because of the Clear Springs collapse.  He blames Victor for this.

Cane calls Lily from his car and tells her that the Enrique Iglesias song that he sang with Lionel Richie is called “To Love a Woman.”  Cane gets all dreamy and stuff.  They get off the phone, and Lily is now on Cloud 9.

At the hospital, the doctor reassures Nikki and Victor and JT that they’ll be monitoring Victoria’s vitals closely over the next few hours.  But he doesn’t say anymore.  Victor promises to call in every specialist in the world.  But hasn’t he done that already?

Next on The Young and the Restless: Heather questions Lauren about Sheila Carter, Phyllis asks Jack about his father’s will, Nikki is frantic about Victoria’s health.

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