This week on Bones, blue birds literally fall from the sky during a church gathering. And so does a body. Blues — of the post-pregnancy variety — also make up Booth and Brennan’s latest personal storyline. There was a bit of a slower pace to this week’s episode, which I didn’t mind at all. It felt like I could sit back and really enjoy it and not feel like I was rushed.

Cutting to Kill

The case was one of the more interesting ones. Santiago, a hair stylist is found dead and there are plenty of suspects: the clients he was sleeping with, his possible drug dealer or anyone of the jealous stylists at the salon.

When it turns out the body was doused with antifreeze and lit on fire, all signs point to one of the other hair stylists, Kevin, who had bought antifreeze a few days before the death. Kevin does admit to supplying Santiago’s drugs but says — not at all convincingly — that the antifreeze was stolen out of his car.

Keeping the Hair

Angela and Brennan are spending some quality R&R time at an exclusive spa, but it’s more like Angela really enjoying her time and Brennan feeling guilty about not being at the lab. But at least she figures out who the murderer is during her massage! Brennan still dressed in her robe from the spa, she and Booth go back to the salon … where it’s the shampoo boy who killed Santiago because he just wanted his own chair. And the gross part is that Santiago was “scalped” — and the hair was still in the salon, on a mannequin head!

Sweets and Booth Go … Lingerie Shopping

It seems Brennan is having some issues with her post-pregnancy body that Booth doesn’t know how to handle. First he begs Cam to tell Brennan that she looks really great, but Brennan sees right through that.

So Booth turns to Sweets for some advice … actually, it’s Sweets who asserts himself into the situation. Did anyone else think Sweets was pushing it a little too far when trying to find out if Booth and Brennan’s relationship was going OK? I know he was being a concerned friend and colleague and that he has the professional background to deal with the stuff, but he was getting to be too much. But it’s always amusing to see Sweets aggravate Booth, which he definitely was doing.

My slight annoyance was quickly erased, however, when Sweets takes Booth lingerie shopping. How funny and awkward was that scene? Whenever Sweets divulges on the intimate side of his relationship with Daisy, it makes me cringe a little. There are just some things I don’t need to know! But it was nice that Sweets made Booth realize he has to do nice things for her — such as buy lingerie because after all, she did just have his baby.

Sweets and Booth’s friendship is definitely deepening. It’s fun to watch because it’s almost as dysfunctional as it is real.

All Settled

For the first time, the feeling that I got from the Booth/Brennan relationship side of things is that they’ve settled into complete married couple life. Of course, they haven’t exchanged vows (yet) but now there’s routine. And it’s really great. We get to see them discuss and deal with all those situations that “normal” couples go through — like buy lingerie! That really felt un-Bones because it was so … ordinary. But it was approached in a very Bones-like way — with off-humor.

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