Ah, another top ten list. As refreshing as the morning dew. This week’s list will attempt to rank the top ten funniest characters currently on television. One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to this rabid list making that has infected our culture is how vague the parameters are for each list. Some strict rules need to be set. So, just like last week, here is the rhyme behind my reason:

  • These are current television characters, who have been on the air within the last couple of months. Jerry Seinfeld or Sam Malone aren’t eligible, funny as they may be.
  • Rankings are based on current levels of humor. Homer Simpson probably would have topped this list ten years ago, but now will struggle to break the top ten.
  • I have included one real person playing himself on a reality show. This person is an exception because, a) I believe that he is actually playing a fictitious character, not being himself, and b) He is really funny.
  • I’ve only allowed myself to include one character per show. I think this is fair, especially given the personal biases when it comes to comedy. I could’ve filled this list with half Office characters and half South Park characters if I needed to.

With all this said, I encourage you all (after reading the list, of course) to submit your own top ten list of funniest TV characters in the comments section down below. Each member of the list is accompanied by a video clip to give a clear example as to why they have been given the incredible honor of being included on my prestigious list.

#10 James “Sawyer” Ford

The king of the nicknames, Sawyer may be “only” a comedy specialist, but it matters not. He makes me laugh and its my list.

#9 Earl Hickey

That lovable redneck is still young in TV years, yet his antics easily garner him a spot on the list.

#8 Dr. Will Kirby

Not only is Dr. Will the best competitor in reality show history, he also made us laugh while doing it on not one, but two seasons of Big Brother.

#7 Denny Crane

The rebirth of Shatner was a welcome surprise to everyone. You really have to thank David E. Kelley for bringing us Denny Crane and his unique version of justice.

#6 Homer Simpson

Although not aging as well as fans had hoped, Homer is still an incredibly funny character, his exploits guiding the greatest and most successful animated porgram of all time.

#5 Lorelai Gilmore

Lauren Graham plays Lorelai Gilmore as a manic, hopped-up-on-caffeine, border-line crazy person. Lorelai is also the unequivocal queen of integrating pop culture references into conversation.

#4 Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin has taken the throne from Homer Simpson as the funniest dad on TV. Offensive, insane, idiotic…what more can you ask for?

#3 Barney Stinson

Barney is the anchor on CBS’s hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Who knew, after his Doogie years, that Harris had this kind of comedic ability?

#2 Dwight Schrute

I’ve touted Dwight Schrute’s qualities before, and I’ll do so again: Dwight is quickly becoming one of the more funny and unique characters in TV history.

#1 Eric Cartman

Eric Cartman is, easily, the most consistently offensive and un-PC character on TV. He says anything, does anything, and is unafraid to ruffle feathers.


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer


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