Dylan Bruno modeled and starred in television commercials, one of which landed him a job as a series regular in the television series High Incident. His other television credits include CSI: Miami, Nash Bridges and Touched By An Angel, all on the Network, The Dead Zone and North Shore. His first feature film role was in Saving Private Ryan. He also appeared in Where The Heart Is, When Trumpets Fade and The One. Bruno plays the role of Colby Granger in the CBS series Numb3rs. Colby Granger is a rookie FBI agent, who joined the team in the second season. He did a tour of duty with the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division in Afghanistan before joining the FBI. After getting his college degree, Granger received three years of training in interrogation techniques. David Sinclair is his usual partner. His recent deception in hiding information on a case to help a friend had his badge and gun recently taken from him, and Don threatened to imprison him if he ever did such a thing again as he considers the loyalty of his team of utmost importance.