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Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) of Neptune, California is one of the most kickass female protagonists among kickass female protagonists. Although the series ended prematurely after only three seasons on the air, Veronica Mars ended with a vengeance in the episode entitled “The Bitch is Back.”

Though the quality of the series languished somewhat in the third season, the series finale brought back elements from the brilliant first season that made us die-hard fans swoon over what could have been, if only the show was renewed for a fourth season. After a sex tape starring Veronica and Piz (Chris Lowell) was leaked to the Internet, Veronica went on a hunt to find and stick it to the culprits, reminiscent of the first season when she tracked down who raped her at Shelly Pomroy’s party. Other shoutouts to the first season were bringing Jake Kane (Kyle Secor) back as a member of the super-secret society known as the Castle that Veronica ultimately bests. Veronica even finds herself face-to-face with an oversized oil painting of her dead best friend Lilly Kane, whose death provided the season-long arc during the show’s freshman season.

The series finale brought a dark, ambiguously unethical atmosphere back to Veronica Mars, after a lighter, cheerier third season. Veronica broke the law to get revenge on the Castle, and her father Keith (Enrico Colantoni) broke the law to protect her. We even got to see Logan (Jason Dohring) embracing his self-destructive ways again, beating the crap out of the guy who posted Veronica’s sex tape on the Internet. The episode ends on an open-ended note, with Veronica simply walking down the street in the rain, after voting for her father for sheriff. Does Keith become sheriff, or did tampering with evidence cost him the election? Does Veronica eventually work for the FBI? These questions can only be answered in our imaginations now.


-Debbie Chang
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