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After three seasons, we expect Lost to leave us asking questions, scratching our heads, and gasping over jaw-dropping cliffhangers. So how is it that, knowing we were in for a shocker, this year’s finale still left us feeling like our brains exploded in the best way imaginable? It all comes down to two words: flash forward.

The big reveal that the bearded and broken Jack we were seeing was actually in the future, and not the past as we all expected, may go down as one of the greatest twists in TV history. Not only did the flash forward completely subvert the expectations of the audience, but it immediately opened up an entire world of storytelling possibilities for the series. We were comfortable, thinking we knew what to expect from Lost as far as story structure goes, but the writers spun us around and dropped us on our heads. What a wonderful, rare experience in the world of television.

While the twist alone was mind boggling, the remainder of the episode was equally stunning. The war against the Others was full of suspense, Charlie’s sacrifice was gut wrenching, and the threat of strangers, who may or may not have good intentions, coming to the island left us talking for months. All other shows take note: this is how a fantastic season finale is done.


-Don Williams
(Image courtesy of ABC)

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