After two ‘mini-arcs’ failed to ignite a ratings firestorm,  Veronica Mars and company are looking towards a brief hiatus to make hearts grow fonder, and an all new single episode arc formula to bring Veronica Mars her coveted fourth season.  The question is,  what can Veronica Mars fans expect from these episodes when Veronica returns in April?  Beware, spoilers lurk beyond this teaser.

The mini-arcs were, in my opinion, not very successful if not only for the reason that with limited time to tell the story, the mini arc usually intruded on the episodic mystery.  There were precious few ‘respite’ episodes where the bigger story was allowed to take the back seat.  Those diversions were part of what made season one of Veronica Mars so successful.

Well, now that we are at the end of two mini-arcs, Veronica Mars will be repaying us with interest by presenting its final episodes with NO over-arcing mystery.   Some have suggested this is an attempt to cross-over into the world of procedural crime-drama.  Personally, that sounds a little foolish.  It’s more likely that this is an attempt to make the character development the over arcing element of the show, which is okay by me.

If anything, the claustrophobic plotting of the mini-arcs left little room for our precious characters to be human beings.  Now we can look forward to the human drama that Veronica Mars has lacked.  Personally, I think the single shots will work, and I’m looking forward to season four of Veronica Mars.

Now, as for what these episodes are.  Little is known.  Thanks to Neptunesite and Spoilerfix we do have some details.

3.16 – Unamerican Graffiti – This episode involves middle school students, so expect to see Logan’s young friend make a return.

3.17 – Debasement Tapes – This episode teams Piz and Veronica again.  Will romantic sparks fly?  When we interviewed Jason Dohring he indicated that Veronica and Logan were not back together as of episode eighteen,  so…. could be!

3.18 – I Know What You’ll do Next Summer – Not much is known about this episode other than the title.

3.19 – Weevils Wobble but They Won’t go Down – You can put two and two together and come to the conclusion that Weevil is going to be charged with a crime he did not commit.  According to spoilers at, it seems like it might be his grandmothers death.  Veronica will no doubt save his behind.

And that is all we have so far.  As more information slips out we’ll be sure to keep you informed, in the meantime, Veronica Mars Fans, you can pass your time by emailing TheCW on a daily basis DEMANDING a fourth season.

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