This episode of The Gifted, titled “boXed in,” focuses on Jace and his need to keep the world safe from mutants. As the Sentinel Services closes in on the mutant underground HQ, Reed has to potentially risk his life to keep everyone safe. Meanwhile, Clarice learns that she may not be able to trust her memories after all, as she watches Dreamer’s abilities at work.

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A Focus on Jace Turner’s Feelings

The episode starts with a flashback into Jace Turner’s life. The July 15 event plays out, as a mutant protest march grows dangerous and Jace’s child, Grace, is killed by a stray mutant bomb.

Throughout the episode, we learn more about Jace’s feelings. When back-up fails to arrive at his checkpoint, the newly escaped Lorna and her boyfriend, Marcos, are able to kidnap him for information. They want to know how Pulse suddenly turned on the group. This mutant was John’s best friend, so the Sentinel Services had to have done something.

Jace isn’t willing to talk, blaming the mutants for everything that has gone wrong since July 15. Marcos points out that both sides lost people but is halted in his tracks when he hears of Jace’s daughter. With a child on the way, Marcos is able to feel empathy for the man. However, they need answers, so Marcos calls on Dreamer for help. There has to be a way into his memories.

Reed Offers Himself as a Sacrifice

With the escape of Lorna and Reed, the Sentinel Services are out for blood. John and Sage listen to confusing information on the police scanners, and Reed is able to use his knowledge to help. All the crimes being reported are small, but they all need multiple units to attend. When Reed works out where all the “crimes” are, he realizes that Sentinel Services knows that the mutants are listening in and wants to throw them off the scent.

Sentinel Services also knows where mutant sympathizers are, so there are now multiple (some injured) mutants at HQ. Reed offers to throw Sentinel Services off by being out in the open. He will lure the federal agents away and risk being taken. Sage makes a point that they don’t know which side Reed is on. After all, he was working with Sentinel Services at one point. If he is caught, he could lead the federal agents to their base.

John asks Tex, the bartender and smuggler, to help Reed. He doesn’t want to because of the incident previously on The Gifted but reluctantly agrees. It’s hard to know which side he is on, and it looks like Tex has left Reed to get caught by the cops when he isn’t at the agreed meet-up spot. Reed rushes away from the cops and runs into Tex and his invisible car. Tex wanted to test Reed to make sure Reed was really on the mutants’ side.

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Caitlin Saves a Life

Meanwhile, the rest of the Struckers have to prove their worth, as all the mutants fear Reed. After being shot in the previous episode of The Gifted, Harry is dying and needs Caitlin’s medical knowledge. At first, she tries with saline, but she needs blood. Since Andy is O-negative, he offers his own blood and Caitlin creates a makeshift blood transfusion.

It’s not enough. Caitlin needs to remove the bullet, but as she’s not a surgeon, it’s risky business. After Caitlin accidentally catches an artery, Lauren uses her abilities to block the blood flow long enough for Caitlin to sew up the wound. They save Harry, with all eyes watching them proudly.

Clarice Learns the Truth

Clarice gets Dreamer to Marcos and Lorna’s location, so Dreamer is able to get into Jace’s memories. She gets some information, but Sentinel Services reaches their location and puts pressure on them. As Lorna pulls Dreamer away, Dreamer screams that she can’t leave Jace in his current state. He’s left with memories flashing backwards, as the mutants escape through one of Clarice’s portals.

After watching Dreamer at work and learning about her abilities, Clarice asks for the truth. Did Dreamer manipulate Clarice’s memories? Dreamer has no choice but to admit the truth and even offers to remove the planted memories when Clarice admits that she’s angry he has memories of loving a guy she barely knows.

At the underground HQ, Reed decides that he and the rest of the Struckers aren’t going to Mexico anytime soon. Caitlin is needed to help the wounded, and he can offer information to the mutants. They are staying at HQ for now.

Back with Jace, we see just how dangerous Dreamer’s abilities can be. When he returns home after a long day at work, he asks his wife if Grace is still up so he can kiss her goodnight. His wife has to tell him that their daughter died four years ago. Dreamer has wiped some of his memories.

Did you expect the twist ending for Jace? Has Reed made the right decision for his family? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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