There were plenty of revelations in the winter finale of This Is Us but perhaps the most shocking of all is the cliffhanger that left viewers worried about one character’s fate.

Spoiler warning! If you haven’t seen the episode “Last Christmas,” stop reading now!

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On the December 6 episode of This Is Us, Toby went on a plane to be with Kate on Christmas but the happy reunion took a tragic turn when he ended up on a hospital gurney, fighting for his life in surgery, after collapsing onto the coffee table in the Pearson family’s living room. Is Toby dead or alive? 

“Well, I’d say he’s definitely one or the other,” Chris Sullivan told Entertainment Weekly when asked about his character’s fate. “It is a bold and tricky storytelling move that only the writers’ room of This Is Us could handle. Any actor becomes concerned when the writing staff starts having them collapse over coffee tables, but I have faith in our creative team that they will tell the best version of the story that there is to tell.”

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As expected, Sullivan was tight-lipped on giving hints about his character’s future — whether he was still filming scenes or if he’ll be around in some form. “I can neither confirm nor deny that,” the actor maintained. And though Toby suffering a heart attack was something unexpected for Sullivan, he’s not at all surprised the show was able to pull off something so emotional and heavy. 

“We can never underestimate the emotionality of This Is Us,” he said. “Just when you think you don’t have another tear to cry, we will find a way. We will find all of your tears. We will dig down deep, and we will yank them out, whether you like it or not.”

Do you think Toby is gone or will he be able to pull through? Did the winter finale of This Is Us leave you in tears?

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