The Flash unmasked Alchemy in the midseason finale, “The Present,” but that was just the beginning. When they figured out a way to talk to Savitar, the team learned some startling pieces of information about the future — and Barry even got a look at a possible future where he loses someone very important.

Here’s how Julian helped Barry (and not just The Flash Barry) in the midseason finale.

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Julian Wrote a Paper on an Artifact Capable of Creating Metas

Years ago, Julian had heard about the Philosopher’s Stone, said to be the first object to give humans powers. He became obsessed with finding it and ended up using his future inheritance to fund an expedition to try to find it. However, he never did, and soon after, he came to Central City. Barry asked if he ever came across the name Savitar — claiming to have done his own research — and Julian told him as far as he knew, Savitar was the first meta with speed. He suggested Barry move on and not waste his time on it.

Barry Captured Alchemy, Unmasked Him as Julian and Put Him in the Pipeline

But Julian denied being Alchemy, calling it “the most absurd thing” he’d ever heard and accused the Flash of framing him. Cisco said if he was lying, he believed his own lie, and after a comment from Joe about Wally, Barry realized that Julian might not have realized what he was doing.

Julian Denied Ever Blacking out — Until Barry Removed His Mask

That was when Julian started talking. Yes, he had been blacking out. It all started after his sister died when he was 20. One night, she came back to him and told him about the Stone and where to find it. If he got it, it would bring them back together again. He did find it on that expedition, but then he woke up in his hotel room with no memory of what happened. The news reported on the deaths of his team and he panicked, thinking he would be blamed, so he fled to America.

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Julian Agreed to Let Cisco Sync His Brain to the Stone So They Could Talk to Savitar

When Barry had been fighting Savitar, he noticed that he and Alchemy had the same voice. There was no Alchemy; it was just Savitar speaking through Julian. The plan worked, and Savitar not only revealed that future Barry trapped him in eternity but also that one of them would betray Barry, one would fall and one would suffer a fate far worse than death.

Julian Got Barry His Job Back

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