As President Kirkman begins to gain the trust of the American people after his radical appointment to the office of the highest rank in the free world, his closest and most trusted allies are looking to take down the government in the latest episode of the hit ABC series Designated Survivor titled “The Blueprint.” With so many people being a part of Catalan’s grand plan, the White House is poised for the greatest internal takedown in the government’s history. But, just who is involved in this conspiracy?

During episode 8, it was revealed that the new president’s life is in imminent danger. The mysterious Catalan plans to assassinate him after poisoning Al-Sakar terrorist Majid Massar and forcing FBI Deputy Director Jason Atwood to confess killing him in exchange for his kidnapped son’s safety.

A Whistleblower Attempts to Undermine the Presidency

As the episode begins, we see a man in the bathroom of the National Security Agency downloading classified fileds to a small disc, which he hides in a hollowed out coin. He walks out of the agency without anyone stopping him.

Congresswoman Hooksratten continues to voice her displeasure with MacLeish’s appointment to VP. She does not trust anyone who has things handed to them in life without working for them, particularly power.

An internal review is being done after Jason Atwood ‘s arrest for the death of Nassir. POTUS is meeting with the head of the FBI to move forward with the investigation into his death and to discover who is really behind the killing of the most wanted terrorist in American history. Jason continues to stand by his story that he killed Nassir.

Several cabinet members of the former President Richmond are found to have broken the law via a Wikileaks conspiracy. Has the new president or anyone in his cabinet, have anything to hide from their past?

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Kirkman learns that the party responsible for leaking the classified information has taken refuge in a foreign embassy where he is unable to prosecute him, right in Washington, DC and under the nose of the president.

What Secret is MacLeish Hiding?

Agent Hannah Wells is in a race against the clock to reveal MacLeish’s secrets before he is sworn in as Vice-President. What does she find that explains the mystery of 11:14 and who was involved?

Senator Hazelton is accused of groping young female staffers rather than promoting them, in a memo written by none other than Emily Rhodes, the right-hand-woman of the President. She reveals that the memo was written years ago, before she even met the president. The senator refuses to accept her apology and wants Emily fired.

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MacLeish’s story of heroism matches that of the men who served with him. Steven, one of the men who served under MacLeish, died after serving with the soon-to-be VP. In looking through some of Steven’s old papers in his footlocker, Hannah finds a photo that proves Catalan and MacLeish served in the same platoon, cementing her theory that the two are working together.

MacLeish is not a war hero, he’s a war criminal after papers surface showing that he broke the law when it came to his actions as a solider.

How Can Aaron Help Emily Keep her Job?

Aaron Shore meets with the whistleblower in the Venezuelan embassy. He asks for five minutes with the president. He calls the president’s ethics as above reproach and hands him the hard drive he stole from the federal building. File 12-ADC holds a secret that could potentially bring down the United States government. 

MacLeish attempts to throw Hannah under the bus, so to speak, telling the president that she is trying to entrap him in a lie regarding his integrity.

Aaron and Emily declare their true feelings towards one another after Emily almost lost her job in the whistleblower conspiracy. They plan their first official date after work.

File 12-ADC is viewed by the president and it shows how the Capitol bombing was planned out as early as 2013, proving that someone within the government shared this file with Nassar as he planned his tragic attack. Moments before Hannah is to appear at MacLeish’s committee hearing, she is involved in a horrific car crash.

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