On last week’s The Real World: Sydney, Shauvon Torres made a tough decision to leave Australia and head home to work things out with her boyfriend, David.  For the last few episodes, David has been demanding that Shauvon leave as soon as possible and come home to him.  Shauvon’s roommates were understanding and supportive as she said her tearful goodbyes to go home to the man she loved.  A new roommate will be joining the remaining six in Sydney.  Before we meet her, Shauvon called BuddyTV today to talk about her decision to leave and the status of her relationship with David today.

Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview.

Hey everybody, this is Gina from BuddyTV and I’m talking to Shauvon from The Real World: Sydney.

Hello. Hi.

Has Real World been a show that you’ve always wanted to be part of?

Yes. It has, actually. I’ve always watched all the other Real Worlds. I’ve always been into them, even the challenges. It’s always something that I’ve always kind of … I just thought it’d be like an awesome experience to go do. You get to live in an amazing house, live with six other roommates and all that. So yeah, I’ve always been interested in it and I thought: ‘You know what, I’m getting to that cut-off age, 24.’ So I applied, and then yeah.

Usually when Real World is casting they’re looking for people who are larger than life, and really outspoken. Did you feel like you would have been a good fit for The Real World?

Yeah. I definitely felt like this was something I could do. I felt like I had something to offer. I felt like I could be myself. Be real. And kind of be that outgoing person they’re looking for. I already wrote a column for a newspaper, so, that’s already a huge step of being pretty open to say what’s on your mind. So yeah, I just kind of felt like I could bring a lot to the table.

What part of being on the show do you think you were the least prepared for? Or did anything about being on it catch you off guard?

Really I kind of prepared myself. I’ve had more roommates before so I knew I could live with six other people. Living in another country, now that’s a little hard. I’d never done that before. And also having cameras in my face … you think you know what it’s like, but it’s literally 24/7. So that was something that was kind of hard to get used to.

There was so much fighting this season so far on The Real World. What was it like for you to live in the house with everybody constantly arguing?

There was. There was so much fighting and arguing in the house. Kinda just like, had to sometimes step outside and I would literally just go walk along the harbor and I would just kinda go outside around the block and be like: ‘Oh my gosh, I’m really living in this environment and in this situation.’ And then it would kind of just soak in and I’d be like: ‘You know what, I’m the luckiest person in Australia right now. Living here. For free.’ Just kind of stepped out of the situation, step out of the arguing and just realize it’s all stupid and petty arguments. And it is really when you think about it. But when you’re living in it and you have no TV, no magazines and you’re around each other all the time … you have nothing but to just drive each other crazy or argue.

Do you think it’s possible for Trisha and Parisa to be friends? Or is it just not meant to be?

No, I think it’s possible. I just think they’re completely two different people. They think different. They do things different. We’re all different, that’s why it’s seven strangers in a house, because we all think and act completely different. But, I think it’s possible they could be friends. Definitely.

How long do you think you were debating leaving Sydney before you actually left?

It was about, two weeks. You guys only saw it in one episode, but it was probably about a two, two and a half week time, so.

And do you stand by that decision? Was it the right thing for you to do?

You know, both. Honestly there’s two ways. It was the right decision because I would have always wondered ‘What if?’ I would have never have known. I would have always wondered, you know: ‘What if me and David would have worked out?’ It’s kind of like I needed that one more time to see if it was truly right for me and him to be together or not, but I also think it’s wrong because I should have put my foot down and said: ‘You know what? No. I’m staying here for me no matter what.’ I guess what it was, was I was being kind of selfish. I was trying not be selfish and trying not to stay in Sydney because I wanted to. David, my ex, he truly does love me and I know he does and I kind of was like: ‘You know what? I need to leave not just for myself, but for him.’ And so that’s what I did, so. There’s like yes and no’s to that. I wish I wouldn’t have checked out and stayed and finished out in Sydney cause now I’m not with David. Literally I went back, and I think I was there for a week and we tried to make it work and it didn’t work. So, after leaving all that I ended up not being with him and still breaking up and we’re not together. And we wont get back together.

And when you left, did you know that a new roommate was going to come in, in your place?

I didn’t know, because it was getting so close to the end. So none of us really knew if anyone was going to replace me or not.

Have you heard good things about the new girl? Or what has the feedback been?

Yeah. I heard some good, I’ve heard both. I’ve heard bad. I can’t give anything away. I’ve actually met her, I know her. All I know is as I was leaving I told all the roommates: ‘Whoever this new person is, if they come in, they have big shoes to fill.’

Now can we look forward to seeing you on the cast reunion special at a

Oh definitely. Definitely. I have to make sure to go and tell the whole freaking world I’m not with David. I see people around and when everybody sees me they’re like: ‘Oh, how are you and David?’, I’m like: ‘No, we’re not together.’ We had a huge Myspace thing. I’m single. I’m not with David.

Well, we look forward to seeing you on the reunion special. You seem like a really cool person, Shauvon. I appreciate you doing the interview.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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