Sarah Shahi stars as Dani Reese on Life Known for playing sultry DJ Carmen de la Pica Morales on Showtime’s The L Word, Sarah Shahi is back on the small screen, this time starring in NBC’s new drama, Life.  On the show, Shahi plays a detective named Dani Reese, whose partner, Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis), is a man who regains his freedom after being imprisoned for a crime he did not commit.  Although sexual tension exists between the two characters, Shahi insists that it is not intentional.

“I guess it comes into play without he and I knowing it,” Shahi said in the November 6 issue of Advocate magazine.  “It’s not the intention of these characters to have that feeling toward each other, at least in the beginning.”

That said, Sarah Shahi is not closing the door on a possible romance between the two characters, but hopes the show will still leave much to viewers’ imagination should the relationship take a romantic turn.

“If there’s to be anything between Dani Reese and Charlie Crews, I hope it just becomes tantalizing.  I hope the audience never fully gets what they want from it, because then the imagination is over, you know?” she said.

Sarah Shahi, 27, moved to Hollywood under the encouragement of director Robert Altman.  After a series of guest-starring stints on several shows, she joined the cast of The L Word, and her role on the show has proven to be her most memorable to date.

Shahi, who grew up in Euless, Texas, told Advocate that when she moved to Los Angeles, she expected to land roles that would have her become intimate with other women.

“I think it’s part of the discovery process.  You’re out on your own for the first time and you start to experiment with things,” she said.  “You don’t know if they’re right or they’re wrong, but here’s your opportunity to go with it — to explore those feelings.  I think it’s a very natural, normal thing to do.  I did it.”

She’s also not ruling out portraying another lesbian character, but said that “it would definitely have to be the right role.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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