Last night on The X Factor, America witnessed two things. 1. Carly Rose Sonenclar is an unstoppable vocal force of nature that will, most likely, be standing at the finish line with a check for 5 million dollars in her hand. And 2. Britney Spears still makes more sense as a performer rather than a judge, thanks to the premiere of Will.I.Am’s latest video “Scream and Shout,” featuring the mega-pop star.

Tonight, though, there is more important business to be had as the Top 8 results are in. Two more contestants’ journeys in the competition will end, but only after a live performance from Grammy-winner Alicia Keys!

Lots happening tonight! Double Elimination. Alicia Keys performs. AND Runner-up from Season 1, Josh Krajcik performs tonight. Before we get to all that, though, hold on for the weekly montage!

Diamond White hugs her mom. Vino Alan wants to do another take of his performance. Paige Thomas wrote “have faith” on her nails. Fifth Harmony consoles group member Ally after the passing of her grandfather. Carly Rose Sonenclar hopes to still be number one tonight. Tate Stevens and LA Reid have a secret handshake that is not so secret anymore. CeCe Frey is not packing a suitcase because she doesn’t understand why she doesn’t get the reviews everyone else does. And EMBLEM3 is not playing games. 

The act with the lowest number of votes and going home is:

Eliminated: Paige Thomas

What?! Wow! “I’m excited for what I have in the future,” says Paige who is obviously just as shocked as everyone else. Her performance last night was definitely her best yet and this is a big upset.

Guest Performance

Josh Krajcik

“One Thing She’ll Never Know”

It’s good to see Josh back on the X Factor stage. He’s sticking to his bluesy old-school feel which greatly compliments the raspy voice of his. Like last night, though, something is up with production. The stage is flushed in a red light and the cameramen are going crazy. We’re back and forth from various cameras trying to see the former contestant. Oh, well. He sounds great even though we may have a hard time seeing him.

It’s time to see which of the remaining seven acts will be moving on to the Top 6 live performances next week. Pretty scared for Demi, seeing as how her only contestant left is CeCe Frey. 

Moving On:


Carly Rose Sonenclar

Young Adults

CeCe Frey (How does this keep happening?)

Over 25s

Tate Stevens


Fifth Harmony


This means that Vino Alan and Diamond White will be singing for survival.

Backstage with Khloe

Khloe stands backstage with Diamond and Vino as they prepare to hit the stage, asking the hard questions. “LA changed your song last minute,” she starts, “are you mad at him for that?” Obviously Vino is smart and replies with, “No, not at all.” 

Guest Performance

Alicia Keys

“Girl on Fire”

This girl substitutes her signature piano for a male group of dancers who resemble a troupe of ninjas. Along with her amazing voice, Alicia also displays a great ability to nod her head in syncopation with the beat. Before leaving the stage, she runs her fingers through Mario’s hair as he reads from the teleprompter. Not sure what that was about, but it just goes to show that Mario has concentration of steel!

Save Me Performances

Diamond White

“I Was Here” by Beyonce

We know by now that Diamond has the voice and the passion. At this moment, it’s about making the judges see and feel that. Britney definitely feels it. She shows, maybe, the most emotion that she has all season, tearing up. “You were definitely there,” Mario says. 

Vino Alan

“Trouble” by

Before even uttering a word, Vino drops his jacket to the ground. This type of song is exactly what he should have been singing this entire time. It’s as if the song was written for him. I think he just won his spot in the Top 6.

Judges’ votes to send home:

LA – Diamond

Britney – Vino

These votes were obvious. Now on to those who really matter.

Demi – Vino 

If Simon votes for Vino to go, then that’s it. Otherwise, he can vote for Diamond and send the contestants into deadlock. He mentions being a fan of both singers but ulimately his vote is …

Simon – Vino

Eliminated: Vino Alan

“America didn’t even get to hear what I really had to say,” says Vino who is obviously upset and shocked at his elimination. He agrees with Simon’s belief that his direction in the competition was being lost. 

Voter Rankings

6. Diamond White

5. CeCe Frey (I just don’t understand.)

4. Fifth Harmony


2. Tate Stevens

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar (Duh!)

I understand that the closer we get to the finals, the more intense the competition will become, but there are acts going home that should be given a better chance at winning. Vino Alan has the makings of a true star, yet LA Reid never really knew what to do with him. His save me song was the best that he’s performed on stage for weeks and that’s probably because he chose the song himself. 

Two more shocking eliminations down and five acts remain. Next week on The X Factor, the Pepsi challenge is back. Voters will be able to select which song the season 2 winner will perform. Tune in Wednesday night to FOX for more details.

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Jilliane Johnson

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV