Christina Aguilera will not win The Voice season 3. Thanks to the new rules, despite the fact that there are still six singers left, none of them are on Team Xtina. The elimination of Dez Duron was the end of the road for Christina’s third shot at the title, and it may be her last as she’s leaving the show in season 4 to tour for her new album, getting replaced by Shakira.

So why is Christina Aguilera out of the competition with three weeks left? Here are five bad decisions Xtina made in putting together her team that may have resulted in her downfall.

Choosing a Female-Heavy Team

Xtina’s original 16-person team only featured four guys, one of whom was part of a duo. Since the first two seasons were won by men, it would’ve made sense if Xtina expanded her team to be more gender balanced. Perhaps if she chose a few more guys to start with, she might’ve had a better chance at success.

Bad Battle Pairings

Xtina also made several mistakes in the Battle Rounds, pairing two great artists against each other. By pitting De’borah against Nelly’s Echo and Aquile against Nathalie Hernandez, Xtina lost out on two potential stars. She also made a bad choice picking Adrianna Louise over Jordan Pruitt. As you’ll see, Xtina’s unwavering love for Adriana may be the worst mistake she kept making.

Bad Steals

During the Battle Rounds the coaches had the opportunity to steal two artists. Xtina stole Alessandra Guercio and Chevonne, who were then quickly defeated in the Knockout Rounds. She would’ve been better served stealing eliminated singers like Brandon Mahone, Benji, Emily Earle or Nicole Johnson, to name a few who went unstolen.

Losing Aquile in the Knockout Rounds

During the Knockout Rounds Xtina put Aquile against Sylvia Yacoub, losing him. If Aquile had survived over singers like Devyn DeLoera or Adriana Louise, Xtina would’ve had a much better and more balanced team.

Losing De’borah in the Live Playoffs

The biggest and worst mistake Xtina made came just before the decision was turned over to America. In the Live Playoffs America voted to keep Dez Duron and Sylvia Yacoub. Xtina got to save one artist and she chose Adriana Louise over De’borah. Since Adriana was promptly eliminated the following week by America, this was obviously a bad call. De’borah had a unique style, and if Melanie Martinez’s iTunes success is any indication, De’borah could’ve made a great run at the win.

At the end of the day, it seems obvious that Xtina’s primary downfall was sticking with Adriana the whole time. Yes, Adriana had a fantastic blind audition that got all four chairs to turn around, but that means nothing. Five singers got all four chairs to turn around, and Cassadee Pope is the only one still in the competition (Bryan Keith also had four chairs).

Xtina chose Adriana over Jordan in the Battle Rounds, she chose her over Aquile in the Knockout Rounds then chose her over De’borah in the Live Playoffs. If she had cut her losses earlier, that third spot in the Top 12 could’ve gone to someone who had an actual chance of winning and kept Xtina alive a little longer.

Instead, Xtina’s quest for victory is over. Her team is dead. And if Shakira hopes to succeed on The Voice season 4, she should be sure NOT to make the same mistakes Christina Aguilera has made.

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