The Voice is about to send another two singers home as we get down to the Top 6. Will a coach lose his or her entire team? Will Cee Lo Green finally lose a singer? Those questions and more will be answered on the results show which will also feature appearances by the Muppets and a duet between Cee Lo Green and Kermit the Frog.

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As far as predictions go, it looks as if Cassadee Pope and Melanie Martinez have both cracked the iTunes Top 10 again this week, meaning their iTunes votes will be multiplied by 10 just like last week. For this to happen once is one thing, but for the same two artists to do it again suggests that they are clearly at the top of the list for voters.


Cassadee Pope: She’s the clear frontrunner. Everyone knows it, even the other coaches. And she got the most downloads on iTunes.

Dez Duron: Anyone that good-looking and talented is bound to last a long time.


Melanie Martinez: I was gonna predict her getting eliminated this week, but if her iTunes votes get multiplied by 10, that could make a huge difference. Clearly being cool and hip on the Internet is working for her.

Nicholas David: I hate to admit it since I want him gone more than anything, but he has a solid fan base and the coaches love him the most.


Trevin Hunte: He improved this week, but I think the magic is gone and all those people who used to vote for him have moved on and aren’t coming back.

Amanda Brown: This hurts because I love her and thought her performance was the best, but I can’t deny the fact that, in the past two weeks, the person who performed first went home.


Terry McDermott: His time is up. He’s coasted on awesome power songs from the ’70s and ’80s, but taking on a current, Blake Shelton song was the wrong move for him. It wasa bland and forgettable.

Cody Belew: It sucks because I adore this man more than anything, but he performed early and that often bodes poorly (all four of the eliminated singers since the live shows began performed in the first half of the show). Also, going back to the Live Play-Offs, he needed Cee Lo to save him, which I still think is an issue.

What do you think? Is Melanie safe thanks to her impressive iTunes-selling ability? Will Team Cee Lo finally lose a member? Is it a curse to perform during the first half of the show?

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