Last week Tyson found the hidden immunity idol because he is literally the only person who has actually looked for it. And the mighty Baskauskas brothers were separated when Aras was blindsided and sent to round two of Redemption Island.

As soon as they all get back from Tribal Council, Vytas sincerely congratulates his tribe members for pulling off that blindside, although he is sad to see his brother go. He appreciates their move being a fan of the show, but now he realizes he’s on the outs with Katie and Tina.

Speaking of Tina, she is not as amused by her tribe’s blindside as Vytas is. She tells Monica and Tyson specifically that they might have won the battle, but they won’t win the war, because now there are “five jury votes” they will never get. I’m not sure where she’s getting that number five from. Is she so dense that she doesn’t realize that her alliance is solely made up of her useless daughter and Vytas?

The next day Tina tells Katie that now that she has a huge target on her back, Katie should start trying to make alliances of her own to avoid becoming a target too. But that would require Katie to actually start playing the game, something she has yet to do at least thus far.

First Immunity Challenge

Ahh yes. What joys us Survivor fans get from seeing the horrors endured by Survivor players during a gross food challenge. It is a long and storied tradition. And it is glorious.

For the first round, they have to eat what in essence is a shot glass full of 40 meal worms. Tyson, Monica and Vytas get past the first round (Vytas finishing his worms even though he spit quite a few of them on the ground and then picked them back up) which eliminates Katie and Laura. The next round Gervase, Caleb and Hayden get through because Ciera literally just gives up (coward) and Tina can’t finish in time.

The next round is three ounces of pig intestines. And only two people can move on to the next round. Monica finishes first and Gervase and Vytas battle it out for the second spot. Poor Vytas ate three ounces of pig intestines for nothing because Gervase finishes seconds before him.

Jeff points out that the last round of this eating challenge is the same food item that Gervase couldn’t finish in the same challenge during the first season of Survivor: a live grub. Mmmmm. Grub: it’s what’s for dinner. And Gervase puts up a good fight, but Monica finishes before him and she throws her arms around Jeff Probst to celebrate. I can’t say that I wouldn’t do the same thing.

First Loser Shuffle

Vytas pretty much knows his number is up. His only hope is that they split the votes (which they’re planning on doing for some god-forsaken reason) and send more votes Katie’s way than his. He tries to convince Tyson to keep him around because voting Katie off would mean one less pair in the game, and he would throw a vote toward Tyson when he was on the jury. But Tyson is worried about looking like he’s too in charge among his tribe mates, and he decides to just go with the plan.

First Tribal Council

Vytas may know that he’s going home tonight, but he doesn’t want to go without a fight. He starts a fight with Monica, accusing her of being untrustworthy after betraying him after the merge and voting off his brother.

He also outs Tyson and Gervase as being in charge and says if the women were smart, they would join up against them and vote them off next.

Vytas’ intuition was right: he is voted off to join RI with his baby bro. When he gets there, he blames Aras for the fact that he was voted off, saying he was only guilty by association. I think there is some truth in this; he wouldn’t have been as big of a threat if he were playing the game on his own.

Second Immunity Challenge

It’s another simple immunity challenge for this double-whammy episode, at least in principle. The survivors have to balance a sword on a shield and then stack coins on the hilt. If you drop your coins, you’re out of the challenge. Last one left standing wins.

Tyson, Hayden and Katie hold out the longest after everyone else drops out one by one. When Tyson finally drops his stack, it creates a distraction and Hayden’s stack drops soon after. Leaving Katie to win by default. You can tell how overcome with glee she is because she monotones at the camera, “Winning the immunity is like winning the idol.” 

Second Loser Shuffle

Tina immediately tries to scurry off to the forest and find the hidden immunity idol. She actually looks in the right spot, but it doesn’t matter because Tyson already has it in his possession, although he’s not sharing that information with the class. To make sure Tina doesn’t “find” the idol, he, Hayden and Caleb babysit her all day making it impossible for her to even look.

Monica is getting paranoid about her position in the game. “What if Tina finds the idol?” she wonders. Then they will split the votes. “Split the votes between whom?” she wonders next, since Katie has immunity. Her tribe mates don’t have an answer for that, which leads her to think that she’s on the bottom of her alliance, which of course she is.

Second Tribal Council

Tina also seems to realize that she’s next to go. She picks up where Vytas left off, by going after Monica. She makes the case that she is more trustworthy and less of a wild card than Monica. If Tina were smart, she would have approached Monica before TC to try and use her insecurities to start a new alliance with her and Katie and maybe Laura and Ciera. But instead, she just picks on her at Tribal.

Tina obviously hit a nerve with Monica though, who feels the need to plead her case like she’s in the final three to her tribe mates. She says she’s loyal and trustworthy, and that they all couldn’t ask for a better member of their alliance. Mmmkay.

But the tribe decides to vote out Tina in the end. So it looks like monotone Katie is on her own now, and Laura and Ciera are the last pair left in the game. Not to mention, both previous winners are out. So I suppose this is about as even as the playing field is going to get, that is, if neither one of them returns from Redemption Island.

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