Ready to see which 16 acts are moving on to The X Factor live shows? So are we! Unlike tonight’s episode, we won’t make you read this for two hours in order to find out who finally made the cut.

Girls — Simon

Simone Battle is one step closer to becoming a hot-pants-wearing, lyrics-forgetting platinum-selling artist. Simon Cowell turns Tora Woloshin down in Simone’s favor. Drew Ryniewicz apparently was the “best contestant of the entire day” according to Simon. I don’t really agree, but congratulations to the Bieber-feverish teen!

Come on, Simon! Jazzlyn Little has seen her last days in the competition. I think this one should be re-evaluated. Tiah Tolliver?? Simon lets Caitlyn Koch go, but Tiah is safe. This has to be the biggest upset of the season. You now have permission to scroll down to the end of this article and leave your angry comments!

Rachel Crow is the last girl to make the cut, but seriously, Simon should watch his back for the next few weeks because some upset viewers will be looking for his limo. Melanie Amaro is out of the competition.

Over 30s — Nicole

Josh Krajcik got the soft-spoken “you are going through with me” from Nicole Scherzinger. No more burritos! Dexter Haywood made it! He will strut across that X Factor stage during the live shows next week. Are you surprised? I sure am.

We say goodbye to Christa Collins and James Kenney. Leroy Bell hasn’t quite convinced Nicole that he really wants this. That doesn’t keep her from taking him along for the ride, though.

Unfortunately, this means we’re saying farewell to Tiger Budbill. Stacey Francis has been given the green light from Nicole. As we now know, every “yes” means there’s also a “no.” Elaine Gibbs is going home.

Groups — Paula

The Brewer Boys do their synchronized hair tossing with a smile tonight. Paula Abdul is sending them through to the live shows. The show is over for Illusion Confusion, 2 Squar’d and 4Shore. Lakoda Rayne and Intensity make it through. All those kids that were once cut and got another chance are now all in! Paula just has a kind heart. We all know this.

The Stereo Hogzz snag the last spot away from The Anser, joining Paula for the live shows. I would have loved to see both groups in the final four.

Boys — L.A.

Brian Bradley pops his collar in appreciation as L.A. Reid sends him on to the next round. Let’s hope that obnoxiousness doesn’t get in the way of his talent. Phillip Lomax has trampled over Brennin Hunt, Skyelor Anderson and Nick Voss to be admitted into the live shows. Anyone else surprised?

Chris Rene has a hard road ahead of him, fighting to keep himself sober. Yet L.A. is giving him a fair shot! Marcus Canty outshines Tim Cifers for the final spot on L.A.’s team. Can we trade the jazz guy for Cifers, please?

Wait a second! Simon realizes he’s made a big mistake, and we all agree. All the judges have made a few mistakes as far as I’m concerned. Yet it looks like someone will get a wildcard invitation back into the competition. The lucky winner is … Melanie Amaro! Simon visits the Amaro home to apologize for his mistake. She says “Yes!”

In an unexpected twist of an eventful 2 hours, The X Factor now has 17 acts moving on to the live shows in Los Angeles next week. Tune in next Tuesday when Paula and the Groups, Nicole and the Over 30s, L.A. and the Boys and Simon and the Girls all make their live debuts!

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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Jilliane Johnson

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