It’s results night once again on The X Factor! Yesterday, I expressed my worry for Paula, having only Lakoda Rayne left on her roster. After seeing those performances, though, I believe anyone could go home.

The Final 10 – “We Will Rock You” by Queen

Forgive me, but this is my least favorite moment of the week. Oh, this is great. LeRoy Bell totally just missed his cue. He was so busy swaying and clapping along. Yes, sir. You are on a nationally televised talent competition. Aside from that minor slip, this has been the best group performance.

Hold on tight for the montage of last night’s performances! I think I would rather watch Josh Krajcik sing everyone else’s songs.

Steve sends some finalists through early tonight…
LeRoy Bell
Lakoda Rayne – Honestly? Well, I guess Paula has secured her job for at least another week.

Oh, how nice. The contestants got some celebrity treatment with photographer Brian Smith. So basically for nine people, it was an entire day of “this is what you probably will never have.” It was just a sweeter way for them to digest it. So sweet.

Special Guest Performance

Rihanna – “We Found Love”
Is it Occupy the X Factor stage and no one told me? There are so many people onstage. After an explosive way to show the contestants how it’s done, Rihanna gives advice that you’ve got to love what you do.

More finalists going through…
Chris Rene
Melanie Amaro
Josh Krajcik
Marcus Canty
(annoying commercial break)
Rachel Crow

Astro and a very choked-up Stacy Francis must sing for their lives. I suppose I was wrong last night. America’s not ready for a hip hop performer to win a national talent search. That’s sad.

Stacy Francis – “Amazing Grace” No fair! I feel so wrong ripping apart a gospel performance. Okay, I have to do it. She’s still a little flat, yet that could be because of her emotions getting the best of her. Bottom line, though, she has struggled to climb back to that initial tryout performance.

Astro – “Never Can Say Goodbye” by the Jackson 5 First of all, he walks out and states that he doesn’t want to perform. He leaves it up to his mentor and the audience. While the lyrics are again original and relevant to the competition, his performance is weak and somewhat rude. His back faces the crowd most of the time. Does somebody need a whooping?

The Judges’ Table

Who will the Fab Four vote for to go home?

LA – Stacy, but he expresses his disappointment with Astro for acting as if he’s given up
Nicole – Astro
Paula – Stacy
Simon – Stacy, after giving Astro the chance to set his record straight to no avail

Eliminated: Stacy Francis

What a controversial night. I’m sure this one will blow up the headlines. It all comes down to who will sell records, just as Simon stated. Astro shows entirely too much attitude, upsetting the judges, the audience and probably his mother watching at home. In the end, Stacy just could not find that spark she once had when we first saw her. Astro has more potential even though he has got to get a hold on that mouth of his.

Well, I know you all have tons of comments so let’s see them! Next week, The X Factor will air a bit differently because of Thanksgiving. Look for the performances on Tuesday at 8/7c with the results show Wednesday night at the same time.

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