It’s Thanksgiving, but that won’t stop The X Factor from airing a new results show where two more acts will be eliminated. For Big Band Night, many of the singers brought their A-game and delivered fantastic performances, so finding two who deserve to go home won’t be easy.

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That’s assuming there will even be an elimination. It’s possible the show will decide not to eliminate anyone due to the holiday, but then I look at the calendar. There are only two more results shows before the finale, so they need to start sending people home. If no one goes tonight, then they’d probably eliminate two acts in each of the next two weeks and have four acts compete in the finale, but that’s a stretch.

So assuming there will be a double elimination, who’s going home this week on The X Factor?

Who’s Safe?

Simon Cowell declared Ellona Santiago the winner of the night, and we met her sister who was recently diagnosed with cancer, so people will definitely vote for her to stay. I think Alex and Sierra have also built up a solid fan base and gave a very original performance of a Taylor Swift song, which makes them a safe bet to stay.

Josh Levi stepped up his game and was truly dynamic, so I think he’ll have the support. And Jeff Gutt may have performed early, but I think he’s built up enough loyalty and support among people inspired by his single dad story and powerful rocker voice.

Who’s in Danger?

That leaves four acts in the bottom. Carlito Olivero had a good night, easily his best yet, but he was in the bottom last week and when Khaya Cohen survived the Final Showdown, she was eliminated the following week. I continue to be perplexed about who’s voting for Lillie McCloud, and her performance this week was just middle of the road, so she could finally be going home.

That leaves two acts I predicted to be in the finale, Rion Paige and Restless Road. Rion was good, but performed first and then got overshadowed by a slew of great performances. She might fall through the cracks into the bottom. And as hard as Simon has pushed Restless Road, they just don’t have the chops. Their vocals are weak and their stage presence is sorely lacking. If they face the Final Showdown, there’s a good chance the Gloom Sisters (or Witches of Eastwick or whatever else Simon calls the three female judges) will send them home.

My Prediction

Due to Khaya’s elimination last week, I assume the voting results are going to be similar enough to last week so Carlito will be eliminated at the bottom. Then I think Lillie and Rion will be in the Final Showdown, with Lillie going home over the spunky, inspiring country starlet.

Who do you think will go home on Thanksgiving on The X Factor? Or will Mario Lopez pardon everyone like the president did with the turkey?

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