The producers of American Idol are responding to a lawsuit from former contestants who are accusing the show of racism — are they wanting a motion to dismiss? Also in today’s Roundup, Candice Glover has released a lyric video for her new single “Cried.” And we’ve got the latest promos for season 13.

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Idol Producers Respond to Racism Lawsuit

Remember back in January when nine former contestants alleged that American Idol forced them off the show because of their race? Well, that’s still ongoing. The full complaint that was filed with a New York federal court was publicly released in July, and now the producers (through their lawyers, of course) are responding to the lawsuit with a motion to dismiss. The defendants include FremantleMedia and Fox Broadcasting, along with former showrunner Nigel Lythgoe and corporate sponsors.

In the motion to dismiss, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, the lawyers try to back up their claims that Idol is not racist. Just look at the history of the show, they say: “By their own allegations, from the show’s inception, approximately one-third of the ‘Golden Ticket’ winners (who advance beyond the open auditions and travel to Hollywood), have been African American. … During the show’s 12 seasons, four of the winners have been Africa-American. African-Americans thus have participated in key stages of the contest at more than double their proportion of the country’s population.”

It goes on to say, “The 10 plaintiffs in this lawsuit are former American Idol contestants who were eliminated from the show, either by public vote or through disqualification, as long as 10 years ago. Long after the statutes of limitations have expired for all but one plaintiff.”

The producers claim they are in the right when it comes to disqualifying contestants: “The contracts provide that defendants have discretion not only to disqualify contestants at any time, but to disqualify them for the specific reasons that plaintiffs were disqualified.”

Something else the contestants are accusing the show of is exploiting them, whether it’s their past or anything else relating to them. That is addressed as well in the motion: “As plaintiffs’ complaints acknowledges, the show dramatizes the lives of the contestants, telling their back stories, personal struggles and ambitions. As an expressive work, American Idol is entitled to the First Amendment’s full protection.”

The full motion to dismiss is 25 pages long, which THR has obtained and you can read in full here.

What do you make of both the complaint/lawsuit and the producers’ response? Who do you think is in the right and who will the court side with?

Candice Glover’s “Cried” Lyric Video

The reigning American Idol champion, Candice Glover, recently released her latest single, “Cried.” And now she has come out with a lyric video for the song, which you can watch below.

The more I listen to “Cried,” the more I like it. It showcases Candice’s voice beautifully and allows her to belt it out like we’ve come to expect from her. The video features the lyrics on pieces of paper, with tear drops falling on the pages. Very appropriate.

Candice Glover’s debut album, Music Speaks, drops February 18, 2014.

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New Season 13 Promos: The Stats Don’t Lie

The promo machine for American Idol season 13 is in full swing, and the latest promo has a point to make: that Idol is the only singing competition show with a proven track record of producing successful artists, with 408 #1 hits, 19 platinum albums, 11 Grammys and even an Oscar. Those stats are interspersed with quick shots of past contestants.

But that’s not all you’ll see. Near the end, we get some shots of the season 13 auditions, with Harry Connick, Jr. up to his usual joking ways.

And another recent promo is all about the judges’ fantastic chemistry. I can’t wait to see this panel in action when Idol returns in January.

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