The Voice is still a half-hour from airing and coach Christina has already taken to Twitter, calling on her army of “fighters” to be ready for the Instant Save in case her team needs it.

I’m predicting that she will, with Matthew, Ray and Caroline in the bottom three. So get your fingers ready to vote to save your favorite artist from elimination. At approximately 9:52pm, Carson will give the go-ahead that the voting period is open. Use hashtag #VoiceSave along with the name of the artist you want saved.

On tonight’s show, we’ll also be treated to a performance by Ellie Goulding, whose “Anything Could Happen” Caroline auditioned with. It would be a little sad if she’s eliminated on the night Ellie takes the stage. She will be performing with Cee Lo.

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This is The Voice live blog!

Wow, there have been 15 million iTunes downloads since season 1, back in 2011. Here’s to 15 million more?

“Burn” by Ellie Goulding (with James, Matthew and Will)

I don’t understand 80% of the words in this performance. The boys sound good behind her — when I can even hear them.

The Results, Part 1

The first artist in the Top 6 is Will Champlin

This should surprise no one since he won the night. But it’s nice to get him out of the way.

The Top 8 with the Starbucks Chorus (“Will the Circle Be Unbroken”)

Starbucks has a chorus? I don’t understand this. Why are they all over this show? The first commercial after the performance is a Starbucks one. Do they really need the advertising? What’s next, their own NFL team?

The Results, Part 2

America saves Cole Vosbury

I definitely thought for a second there that it was going to Ray. Whew. I’m glad to see that even with a not-so-great song choice, Cole made it through.

“Amy” by Cee Lo Green with Big Gipp

Leave it to Cee Lo to put on a bizarre yet entertaining show, complete with his Hamburglar pants. Well, now I see why he’ll always remember Amy. 

The Results, Part 3

Also in the Top 6 is Jacquie Lee!

Is it just me or did she give a look like “Oh, I got this in the bag”?

The Top 8 (“Apologize” and “All the Right Moves” by OneRepublic)

Cool announcement before the performance: the winner of The Voice will debut a song written by OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, who just happened to be an adviser for Team Adam. Will one of Ryan’s former mentees be singing the song?

They are just not sounding good together. Like bad karaoke. But it’s hard to pull off these big performances with different voices.

The Results, Part 4 

The final two singers escaping the bottom three are Tessanne Chin and James Wolpert!

Oh my gosh. It happened. Adam sweeps the night. Yes, it’s how I predicted it, but I wasn’t 100% it would happen! Christina doesn’t understand why? He sang a terrible song!

Instant Save

During the commercial break, taking a look at The Voice Twitter page for the number of RTs for each singer, it’s not even that close. Matthew is running away with the lead, which is what I thought would happen as well. 

The voting window is now closed.

America instantly saves … Matthew Schuler! This means Caroline Pennell and Ray Boudreaux have been eliminated!

And there’s your Top 6 — the trio from Team Adam, two from Team Christina, Blake’s left with his lone wolf and Cee Lo is out. What a pretty predictable night this was.

The Voice Top 6 will perform Monday at 8pm on NBC.

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