This week on The X Factor, Steve Jones dusts off his suit for the live shows! Yes, we finally get to see what this Englishman does. Five of the 17 acts will be leaving the show tonight. (That’s two from the Girls and one from each of the remaining groups.)

Each judge will view their mentees and immediately tell one unlucky performer (two in Simon’s case) that they have sung their last song for The X Factor.

Boys – L.A. Reid

Brian “Astro” Bradley
Complete with gold skinny jeans, Astro comes out full force old school with “Jump.” I’m sure everyone remembers this kid’s arrogance, but he still knows how to get a crowd hype. It’s only strange, though, that this kid hasn’t yet hit puberty, but he has about six or seven good looking female dancers backing him up.

Chris Rene The mood mellows out for Chris to take the stage with “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.” Some pitchy notes here and there, but his stage presence makes up for it. “There’s a genuine truthfulness” as Paula comments about Chris and I have to agree.

Philip Lomax
Fans of Philip Lomax may want to scroll down from here. Singing “I’m A Believer,” Lomax comes across super cheesy and flat. It’s reminiscent of a Vegas show. This is my pick to leave the Boys category, without a doubt.

Marcus Canty
You mean, “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” is making a comeback? Marcus has a great voice, don’t get me wrong. He’s great on stage, especially with an entourage of backup dancers, but this song just does not work for him. Plus, the song is obviously not a happy one, yet he’s jumping around smiling. I’m confused.

L.A. hardly has time to think!

Leaving the competition first is… Philip Lomax. I knew it!

Groups – Paula Abdul

The Stereo Hogzz
The Houston natives amp up the Otis Redding classic “Tenderness.” For a minute, I thought I accidentally changed the channel for MTV. The Hogzz broke out some amazing moves! Plus the harmonies jell perfectly. Good job, Paula!

The Brewer Boys
Is there a reason everyone is singing old songs? The brothers take on a stripped down version of “Faith.” Things were working in their favor until the tune went “folky.” It’s a fun performance, but does it hold up to the others? L.A. doesn’t seem to think so. I’m making my prediction again with The Brewer Boys.

There’s just so many of them. A “Footlose” medley takes on a new energy with all these kids, for sure. The harmonies were nice, the dance moves worked, and their style is age appropriate. Simon calls it “the equivalent of a music miracle.”

Lakoda Rayne
“Come On Eileen” meets sparkly Hammer pants in this girl group. The girls sound good, but they simply don’t add up. I guess I’m the only one that feels this way. Simon commends Paula on her job with these girls and with tears in her eyes; she kisses him too close to the mouth.

Time to toss Paula the tissue!

Say goodbye to… The Brewer Boys. I am two for two!

Over 30s – Nicole Scherzinger

Dexter Haygood
Oh my gosh! Dexter Haygood is singing Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” and “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry. My mind is blown to bits and pieces. Should I even mention that his dancers look like the iconic ladies from Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” video crossed with The Matrix. Plus Dexter looks like the funky version of Sgt. Pepper. Yet compared to what is still to come, Dexter will probably leave tonight.

LeRoy Bell
Okay, so the older contestants are taking on newer songs. I understand. LeRoy is singing Pink’s “Nobody Knows.” A beautiful song sung by a beautiful voice. How can you not like this guy? Simon says he could mentor him better, but Nicole quickly stands up for LeRoy, congratulating him.

Stacey Francis
Is it Stacey or a mother hen? This feather jacket really took my attention. Anyways, her voice works flawlessly with “One More Try.” Her outfit and disco lighting was all wrong, but one cannot deny Stacey’s talent.

Josh Krajcik
Josh’s almost a-capella version of “Forever Young” makes me think I’ve tuned into a Fox special all for him. With ballet dancers in spotlights behind him, all you really need is his voice.

Nicole is winging it!

Next to leave The X Factor is… Dexter Haygood. One more category to go. Can I make it four for four?

Girls – Simon

Simone Battle
She said she wants to be the next big female popstar and things look that way, at least. Singing “Just Be Good to Me,” Simone should just on her vocals a bit more. L.A. holds nothing back and gets pretty rude, asking Simon why he ever sent Simone through. I think Simone will be one of the two Simon sends home.

Rachel Crow
The youngest contestant brings Bieber into the mix. Rachel is signing a mash up of “Where Did Our Love Go?” and “Baby.” Everything about the performance works. Great vocals, lovely look, and that cute smile make for a fantastic package.

Drew Ryniewcz
Now known as “Drew,” her performance of “What a Feeling” is simple and like a folk song. She sits on stage backed by only a piano. Not one of my favorites, but it’s alright. We may have seen Drew for the last time tonight, as well.

Tiah Tolliver
Tiah is definitely not my favorite in the competition, but “Sweet Dreams” is, by far, one of my favorite songs. Put the two together and I’m thinking okay maybe I should give her another chance. The costumes are gothic and her theatrics match the creepy mood perfectly. Although, her pitch is still, well, pitchy in places. Would be great to see this one out of controversy.

Melanie Amaro
A perfect match! Melanie meets Whitney Houston with “I Have Nothing.” There’s no way Simon can send this girl home again after making that mistake last week. Best performance of the night. I predict Melanie Amaro is America’s first X Factor winner!

Simon says…

The last two contestants leaving the competition this evening are… Simone Battle and Tiah Tolliver!

So I pretty much got them all right! Leaving us tonight are Philip Lomax, The Brewer Boys, Dexter Haygood, Simone Battle and Tiah Tolliver. Tune in next week to another live show of The X Factor when America will finally be allowed to vote for our favorites!

Jilliane Johnson
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Jilliane Johnson

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