When America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars began, most people remembered Bre Scullark for her role in cycle 5’s infamous “Granola Gate.” But the woman and the model that we saw return to the show twelve cycles later was older, wiser and a consummate professional. That whole granola thing was, and should have been, long forgotten.

But the work ethic that helped Bre land major modeling campaigns in print and TV since her first time on ANTM, didn’t help her so much on her second time on the show. Tyra and the judges thought Bre seemed too reserved (“They were just tired of me,” she says), and when her “bar fight” photo screamed slapstick instead of sartorial, they sent Bre home.

I spoke to Bre about her experience as an ANTM All-Star, and where we can see her next. Here’s our interview:

What made you decide to come back to All-Stars?

I think, really, for me, first of all the fans, definitely, putting me in a place to even be in the running for an All-Star Cycle. It really had a lot to do with them. And also, for me, I wanted some type of closure. You know, I felt I wasn’t really as experienced as I would’ve liked to be, competing the first time around. I wasn’t as professional or savvy in this business, so to come back six years later and have that experience, I definitely wanted to show the judges that I’ve improved.

Did you feel that you got that sort of closure?

I did. You know, closure for me – of course definitely at the end, I wanted to win – but closure for me is just knowing that I came back and I tried and I did it and I committed 100%. And whether or not it worked out, I had to make sure that what I did was 100%, and I think I definitely did that.

You wanted to show that you were professional, and I definitely think that came across. But then Tyra said that you seemed reserved or closed off. How did you respond to that?

I definitely saw what Tyra and the other judges felt, that I was different from probably last remembered me. I really wish they would’ve accentuated more who I was now, versus looking behind them and looking behind me for who I was six years ago. However, I definitely understood what she was trying to say.

It seemed like maybe they like those big personalities, and it was hard for them to accept that you had matured.

I think they love big personalities, because it’s what makes the show work. It works when you see people who are themselves, but heightened-style, like by a hundred. For me it was about delivery. And I wasn’t trying to clash with anyone in the house. I wasn’t trying to overstep anyone in the house. I was just trying to be the best me that was possible, and for me, that was about delivering great challenges, delivering great photos. My personality wasn’t as loud as the other girls, but I was a hundred percent there and committed.

Well, speaking of big personalities, is it hard for you to see Bianca portrayed in such a negative light? Why do you think there’s so much conflict surrounding her this season?

I don’t really have too much of an opinion on how my sister’s edit is turning out for her, but I do think, just on a personal level, she is a wonderful person. And what helps me, with anybody, not just Bianca, is that I accept people for who they are. And I think, even if you dislike something that someone says, or what someone does, if you accept people for who they are, it really wards off a lot of confrontation. So, you know, I accept her, I accept Lisa, I accept everybody that came in with different backgrounds, different morals, different values, different, you know, motive, for who they are. I just hope that whatever the show edited her to be, that she uses it to her best.

That seems like a good attitude to take when you’re in a business like modeling, where you come in contact with so many different types of people and different–

Personalities. Every single day! And I’m talking about extreme. My business is extreme! So what’re you gonna do? Fight everybody because you don’t like who they are? You know, you just have to accept people solely, and just wish the best for them no matter who they are and where they’re at.

About last night’s photoshoot, it was kind of a hectic edit that we saw. Can you explain a little bit about how you and Alexandria decided to get so dramatic in your shoot, and how you felt about it?

Thank you for asking me that! [Laughs] First of all, I think that Alex is such a funky, courageous girl, and she’s got a lot of soul. It was awesome to have to check the work with her and I’m so sorry that our picture wasn’t looked at as the best, or even close to it. [Laughs] But I have to say that one strategy Alex and I used was, it was really simple and it was just go in there and commit. Now, a lot of girls are afraid to be ugly, they’re afraid to really go that extra level. And I think we were both willing to take a gamble and say, “OK, so we’re not going to pretend to scream, and but we’re gonna scream. We’re gonna feel the emotion that we’re trying to portray in the picture.” And it was a gamble, and we took it and we went for it, and I respect her so much for doing it, and unfortunately no, it didn’t work out. But the bigger picture is that we went for it, and too many times people in this business are too afraid to go for things, and we went for it. And I think we’re both satisfied with that.

It surprised me that the judges weren’t as into it. I thought they would be, because Tyra’s always telling people to go for it and really embrace the emotion. Were you surprised that they didn’t like the photo?

I don’t think it was so much the photo. Realistically, everybody doesn’t take a great shot. Just being honest, you know? Every shot isn’t a money-maker. You try your best to make sure that your film is, at least on its A-game where they can find a great shot. But unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. I think it was more so, really they were just tired of me in a sense. They’d been saying in previous weeks that my star power was diminishing; I was too quiet; I was too reserved. And on top of it, I didn’t deliver last night. And so it was all the reason for me to go home.

What was the best part of the experience for you?

I got to stay with some really great girls. I got to meet some really great girls that – you know, when else are you gonna live with 13 women voluntarily? Uh, never. So to have that experience was great. Also, I think I really got to learn a little bit more about myself. I was taken out of my comfort zone and really put into a situation for the second time, and I got to see how much I’ve really grown. Because it’s one thing to walk around and say “Oh, I’ve changed. I’ve done things different.” But to really be put in a situation where you’re tested everyday and be proud of yourself and the outcome, it doesn’t come all the time. But I definitely feel like I was proud of myself, and how I handled myself the whole show.

So what’s coming up next for you?

Right now, I’m wrapping up an Old Navy commercial for the holiday season. It comes out this winter. You know, Old Navy’s always fun and eclectic. They’ve always got these great ideas that you’d never think of. So I’m sure people will be really excited to see this one. And my Garnier commercial and print ads just got renegotiated, so you guys will be able to see that for a little longer.

I’ve seen those, they’re on TV, all over the place. So that’s great!

Yeah! It is great, it’s a great spot, you know? I’m happy about that. And also, I got the opportunity to do a sitcom directed by Tyler Perry called For Better or Worse, which comes out Thanksgiving Day. It’s got Tasha Smith and Michael J. White, so I’m people will be really happy. It should be really interesting to see my acting ability, aside from the CSI that’s coming up.

Yeah, did you film that yet?

I can’t talk about it yet, but CSI is like the biggest franchise in the world as far as TV series go. I’m just happy to be part of that family even if it’s just for a day! There’s a few things coming up and I’m really, really excited about it, and I can’t wait to see what people think about the up and coming projects.

As soon as you find out when you’re going to be on CSI, just let everybody know because we can’t wait.

I will let you know!

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