Lena really is dead. And Wes is really going off the deep end. This episode of The Whispers opens with sad, sad music and Wes looking tragically alone even though he’s surrounded by mourners after Lena’s funeral. The sad morphs into creepy as a strange discovery is made about all the Drill children. “Homesick” shows how fear and panic can lead the grown-ups to make some not-so-smart decisions in their effort to fight an alien who seems a little indestructible.

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It’s a Drill-Induced Epidemic

Minx looks more sinister than usual dressed all in black (after her mom’s funeral), telling daddy, “She’d want us to fight. Against Drill.” The little girl suddenly passes out, with Wes rushing her to the hospital. Things get even weirder as we see an ER full of sick kids, all of them with a Drill connection. Dr. Benavidez discovers that the children have been “marked” by Drill in a portion of their brains. He’s left some genetic tracking device in their minds.

All the children are back, taking center stage with spine-tingling results. Super cutie creeper Harper has plenty of screen time, telling Claire, “We’ll all get better soon, as soon as he finds Orion.” The search for Orion or O’Ryan begins…

Well, It Sounded Like a Good Idea

Wes is flexing those grief-laden muscles in this episode, deciding the way to help the children is to isolate them.  He wants to herd them all off to a “safe camp” where the grown-ups can protect the kiddos and help them “get better.” Yep, it’s a quarantine.

The creepy continues as kid after kid is scanned, with all the “positive” children being shipped off to a supposedly safe zone. They even round up Henry as a screaming Claire and restrained Sean watch, unable to do anything for their son.

It was Nice Knowing You, Doc

Dr. Benavidez makes a huge discovery, doing some late night review of brain scans while on the phone. She tells her mystery caller, “Oh my god!” as she looks at the scans, so we know she’s uncovered something big. The doc sees someone enter the room, as a look of terror covers her face. A second later, she’s zapped to death, eyes wide open, blood coming out of her ear. Any guesses on what she found out? Well, it’s even more disturbing than that! 

Wes inspects her body in the morning, locating burn marks on her arm. This leads him to the logical (?) conclusion that Drill’s possessed another child. What a leap! So Drill is in the camp? 

Claire takes off to Camp Children of Drill to help Wes locate the possessed kid, leaving Sean at home to search for Orion. 

The Mystery Man’s Identity is Revealed

The mysterious guy who gave Lena a ride home is back, lurking in the hospital, with a little notepad in hand. He pops in and out throughout “Homesick,” talking on the phone to another mystery person, saying he needs to see him/her soon. Sean doesn’t figure out the Orion puzzle, but he does get to the bottom of who this “observer” is.

Sean realizes he’s being followed and confronts the mystery man. It turns out he’s a reporter (duh, that notepad should’ve told us that much) working with — wait for it — Maria Benavidez! He was on the phone with her when the line went dead. Uh, that’s not the only thing that went dead, Mr. Reporter.

He wants to break the Drill story and needs Sean to “verify” all the facts, saying the public deserves to know. With all the panic and bad decision-making going on with the small number of adults who know about Drill, this may be the worst idea The Whispers has offered up.

Searching for the Drill-Infected Child

Claire looks at all the children, her slow scan letting us know he is definitely in one of those kiddos. She says she’ll be able to identify which child is holding Drill within through some tells that the alien won’t be able to camouflage.

Harper’s the first child to be drilled by Claire. The Whispers toys with us mercilessly as it makes all of the children seem possessed. Harper whines about the questioning. “I know what you’re trying to do!” she screams, perhaps channeling Drill? 

Next up is super cute Henry, who answers all of mom’s questions, but he definitely shows some of the tells. Did you see him looking down?!

Minx gets the upper hand during the interrogation, of course. She tells Claire she wants a time machine to go back, way back to before the bad stuff (aka, the affair) really started. “I wonder how you would answer these questions. What do you dream? What do you want? Never mind. I think I know.” Yes, we’ve just reached DEFCON Level Creepiest Minx ever. 

Claire questions a little boy, Silas, who freaks out, saying, “I don’t want anything to happen to my mom. Please don’t make me say!” Claire presses, asking, “Do you know who Drill is?” He nods his head yes. As Claire lays out pictures of the children, we see a finger (presumably of the possessed kid) short-circuiting something, triggering an alarm system. The children run in all directions, causing Claire to leave Silas in search of Henry. 

All the main suspects end up facing each other … Henry, Silas, Minx and Harper. Minx pushes Harper to the ground. When the little girl tries to get up, we see burn marks on her arm.

Silas points at Wes’ daughter. Straight outta Invasion of the Body Snatchers, all of the children follow suit, pointing at Minx. So we’ve found Drill?

Perhaps a little too easy? And obvious? With two episodes left, who actually believes Drill has possessed Minx? The Whispers is nothing if not a confusing, surprising and shocking little summer ride. The previews for the next episode indicate that the President’s daughter may be our gal. My money’s on an adorable redhead. What would be more tragic than a Henry reveal? And we all know Lily Rabe has the acting chops to deliver the crushing, super heartbreaking ending The Whispers has been hinting at.

The Whispers airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

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