Talk about a filler episode for Mistresses. “What Could Have Been” doesn’t do too much to move the story along this season, but it does leave us with the question of how the hell will Joss get out of jail? Joss uses her time behind bars to think about what her life would have been like if she had married Scott, and the end result scares her a little bit. Meanwhile, Karen tries to make a decision about her pregnancy and April calls up an old friend to try and help Joss.

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All Roads Lead To Harry

After Calista’s trip to the police, Joss is arrested and charged with first-degree premeditated murder. Her lawyer explains that she is being held without bail and can’t have visitors. While behind bars, Joss makes friends with her cellmate and wonders how she ended up there. She traces it all back to Harry, thinking that if she had never went down to the beach on her wedding day, she never would have met Calista.

Soon she is dreaming about what her life would have been like if she had married Scott — the luxury international trips, the mansion in the Hills, the clothes, and, of course, a baby. However, her dream is cut short when she realizes that in the end, she would end up with Harry anyway, except this time she’d be cheating on her husband.

After a day or two, her lawyer meets with her with information that he believes will save her, though he doesn’t reveal what that is.

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A Blast From the Past

Thinking she can help Joss, April reaches out to her old flame Daniel. (Though I think deep down she was just looking for an excuse to call him, since she believes they didn’t break up on the best of terms.) He rushes over and familiarizes himself with the case. As they go on a small stakeout, they bond and end up hooking up when he drops her off. She later finds his phone in the couch and immediately looks through it.

When he comes to get the phone at her shop, she confesses about what she did. He doesn’t seem to care, saying he has nothing to hide. He adds that he’s eager to start up with her again, but she turns him down. She says they can’t ever have a relationship because she won’t ever be able to trust him. Before he leaves, he gives her some information to give to Joss’ lawyer. I can only assume this is the information that the lawyer believes will help her case.

Not The Advice She’s Looking For

Karen does a bit of soul searching after news of her pregnancy from her polyamourous relationship. April thinks Karen should really think through her decision, almost telling her not to tell Vivian and Alec. However, Karen heads over to tell them, but chickens out when Vivian informs her that she may leave Alec. Turns out, things aren’t so great since Karen left.

Still troubled over this, Karen heads to her new friend, the priest. He basically chastises her and says she must give the baby up for adoption. She gets annoyed and decides once and for all she’s going to have the baby and let Vivian and Alec know. So she heads over to tell them.

She Does Have a Heart

Harry is very distraught over Joss being accused of murder. So much so that he almost throws out his career. His agent comes by the restaurant to inform him that a charity dinner just lost its chef and she wants him to host it. He tells her he can’t close the restaurant on a Friday night on such short notice. She quickly meets with Elis, the restaurant’s owner, who agrees to host the event. Harry hems and haws and says he has too much going on in his personal life, however, his agent basically threatens his career and makes him do it.

During the event, which raises money for cancer research, his agent gives a speech about how she lost her sister to cancer. She breaks down in tears and Harry comes to her rescue. In the end, he tells her she needs to open up more and their relationship just might be better off. Do I sense a new love connection?

Not Much Of Anything

As I said, this episode seemed to be more of a filler. While we find out that Joss’ lawyer might have information to get her off, we have no clue what that is. And did we really care what life with Scott was like? I did like the line in her fantasy where Scott says, “Oh I won a biding war on this mansion against a woman named Calista.” I guess even in her fantasies, she’s haunted by that woman. It bugs me that Calista has so much power and influence that she’s framing Joss for a murder that she probably committed herself. But who knows? I guess only time will tell who killed Luca.

And as much as I really liked Karen’s juicy storyline this season, I’m over it. We get it, she loves Vivian and Alec. Well, now she can be bound to them forever. Perhaps she can finally get her life in order!

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