In the previous episode of Extant, Molly and JD tracked down the hybrid community so Molly could analyze her son’s DNA and hopefully come up with a way to stop herself from becoming a hybrid. But once she spoke to her son, Molly became convinced that the hybrids want to live in peace with the human race. She then reached out to Toby for a peace agreement, not realizing that Toby only wanted war. Meanwhile, Lucy continued to manipulate everyone around her, and Toby learned that Molly might be more alien than human.

In this episode, “Arms and the Humanich,” Molly makes a desperate attempt to save her son’s life after an attack on the hybrid community. Meanwhile, JD gives himself up to save his daughter and Ethan finally learns the truth about Lucy.

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Molly and JD Ask His Ex for Help

The episode kicks off with the Humanich assault on the hybrid community. Molly and the hybrids hear the soldiers approaching and Molly tells everyone they need to evacuate. Unfortunately, the hybrid leader Molly clashed with in the previous episode does not want to run. He argues that they should stay and fight since their powers make them stronger than the humans. But what he does not know is that these soldiers are not human. When the hybrids’ powers fail to work on the soldiers, Molly realizes that they are all Humanichs and once again, she tells everyone to run.

The Humanichs open fire and Molly makes her way to Terra, the little girl she has been bonding with. (I believe this is the same girl that Adhu claimed was his daughter, but it is not mentioned in this episode. Also, with all the sex Molly’s son was having with different human women, you would think that he has more than one hybrid child out there.)

Molly finds the little girl, but Lucy gets to them before they can escape. Molly pleads with Lucy to let them be, but Lucy opens fire. Molly jumps into the line of fire and takes the bullet for Terra. The little girl runs away and Lucy almost kills Molly when JD comes to her rescue. He heard the helicopters and circled back to the community to help Molly. JD shoots Lucy and gets Molly to safety.

Molly and JD find her son and realize that the reason the Humanichs left some of the hybrids alive is because they released the hybrid-killing virus. Molly appears to be fine, but her son is infected. JD and Molly get Adhu back to his place, but JD’s ex, Dorothy, is there. Dorothy freaks out when she realizes that Molly’s son is not human and Molly has to use her hybrid abilities to get her to calm down. This, quite rightly, upsets her even more.

JD talks to his ex and explains that Molly’s son is an alien-human hybrid and the GSC just attacked his community, killing most of the other hybrids. Dorothy actually handles this information fairly well, considering the circumstances. JD plans to turn himself in so that the GSC will release his daughter, but both Dorothy and Molly try to persuade him against that. JD points out that his appearance at the GSC will keep Toby distracted and will give Molly and her son some time, but Molly says that she is going to the GSC as well. She knows a scientist there who might be able to save her son. JD is not happy with this plan, but Molly refuses to let her son die without even trying. JD and Molly ask Dorothy to stay behind to keep an eye on Molly’s son and she reluctantly agrees.

Molly Turns Herself In

Molly shows up at the GSC and has a not-so-friendly conversation with a former colleague. He backs up her idea that the plasma machine might be able to save her son’s life. Molly uses her hybrid abilities to take over her colleague’s mind in order to get the plasma machine. But by the time she makes it back to JD’s place, Adhu is not doing well. He is rapidly aging and close to death. Molly sets up the plasma machine she stole from the lab and explains that she will use it to filter out his infected blood, clean it and put it back in his body. Dorothy asks if this will work, but Molly does not know.

Alas, Molly quickly realizes that the process is not working and her son is not getting any better. Molly takes him outside to see the stars and he thanks her for giving him life. He tells her that some of the hybrids survived the attack, (though he does not explain how he knows this), and warns her that she cannot trust them all. One of the ones not to be trusted is Terra. Before Molly can ask why she cannot be trusted, Adhu dies.

Unfortunately, right after her son passes away, Molly begins to show symptoms of having the virus. Dorothy tries to help her, but Molly is only concerned about JD. She knows that the GSC is only using him to get to her. So, as the episode ends, Molly turns herself into Toby at the GSC. She collapses into his arms and asks him to help her.

Ethan’s Actions Put Julie in Danger

Lucy is not doing well after JD shot her. She is in need of much repair and is taken back to the lab. Ethan gets in to see her and asks what happened. Lucy lies and tells him that Molly is the one who hurt her. Of course, this confuses poor Ethan, who was already having issues trusting the humans in his life.

While recuperating, Lucy tries to talk to Charlie about removing her expiration date. She tells him that she is afraid of dying and she wants to live forever. Charlie claims that even if he wanted to help her, he cannot because John designed the Humanichs to have a certain life-span, just like humans. Lucy then threatens Charlie. She says that if he does not remove her expiration date, she will tell Julie that Charlie never installed her limiters and she will send the video of them in a compromising position to the head of the GSC.

Instead of playing into Lucy’s hands, Charlie tells Julie everything. She is upset, but she is more concerned with Lucy’s behavior than Charlie’s. She agrees with Charlie that Lucy is out of control and needs to be put down. As they are discussing how to explain this to the GSC, Ethan records their conversation with his robot. He then sends the recording to Lucy so she knows that Julie and Charlie are planning to kill her.

In order to help his sister, Ethan provides a distraction and separates Charlie and Julie. While Julie is alone with Lucy, Lucy wakes up and attacks her. Meanwhile, Charlie explains to Ethan that they have to shut Lucy down because she is dangerous. He tells him that, just like with humans, there are good Humanichs and bad ones. Lucy is one of the bad ones.

But just as Lucy is about to kill Julie, Ethan shows up and rips something out of Lucy’s back. She immediately shuts down and Julie is okay. Ethan is horrified by his actions but Julie comforts him explaining that he saved her. (What did Ethan remove from Lucy’s body? I want to say it was her battery pack but does that mean Lucy is dead? Can they repair and reprogram her or will they leave her offline to play safe?)

Other Happenings

— We get a bit more background on the history between JD and Toby when JD is being held at the GSC. Toby considers JD a dishonorable man because he was a deserter but JD points out that Toby is the one lacking honor. During the war, Toby ordered a drone strike on an entire population, many of them innocents, just to take out one terrorist. So I guess mass murder for “the greater good” is nothing new to Toby.

— In an early scene, we are reminded that JD’s ex is a judge. Given that Dorothy bonded a bit with Molly while watching over her and her son, I expect she might use her judicial connections to help Molly somewhere down the line.

Final Thoughts

The opening of this episode with the Humanich attack on the hybrid community is very exciting but the episode slows down considerably after that and I can’t decide if that is a good thing or not. Much of the episode is devoted to setting up the “deaths” of Ahdu and Lucy, but since neither character is human, I am not sure either one is truly gone for good.

Ahdu’s death, temporary or not, was somewhat moving, thanks largely to Molly’s devastation over losing her son. I cannot say I ever warmed up to Molly’s hybrid son, but I stopped disliking him in these last few episodes, so I was actually rooting for his survival here. Lucy on the other hand, is a character I am glad to see gone and I hope they do not resurrect her anytime soon.

What did you think of this episode of Extant? Will JD and Molly help each other escape the GSC? How will Ethan handle hurting his sister, even if it was to protect someone else? Why did Ahdu warn Molly that Terra cannot be trusted? What do she and the other “bad” hybrids have planned? Toby seemed somewhat upset that Molly might be dying, but does that mean he will help her? Will he realize that he was wrong to go after the hybrids or is his regret for Molly alone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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