Whew! I’m exhausted. And a little depressed. Tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “When It Hurts So Bad,” was a melancholy hour of heartbreak and mixed signals with a dash of covert scheming thrown in for good measure. As some relationships were mended, others fell completely apart and one man had the misfortune to be the right guy at the wrong time.

Get Him Out Of Here!

So, seriously, if you were Will Thorpe, wouldn’t you be wondering how things went from “really promising” to “complete disaster” in record time? One minute poor Will was kissing Meredith on her front porch. The next morning he was being kicked out her house as Meredith screamed like a banshee while Maggie and Amelia (what’s she doing there?) looked horrified. Then, instead of giving any indication about what was going on, Meredith went on a mad cleaning spree, Maggie and Amelia – and eventually Alex- in tow.

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As they struggled to assemble a steam cleaner (Really? These are surgeons. They can’t put a vacuum together?) and cleaned the house until Martha Stewart would be satisfied, Meredith’s posse spent the entire day supporting her, which led to some lovely scenes. Their gentle probing got them nowhere though, so they poured on the elbow grease. Eventually, Meredith found an old blanket that belonged to Derek and suddenly the cleaning was done.

Sitting in front of a fire, Meredith confessed to Alex that she “freaked out.” Everything with Will had been fine. Great, even. But she got caught up in the Derek of it all and came apart. The thing with Will was all strange and new and not terrible – actually Will’s great, but he’s not Derek. And even though it’s been two years (!), it’s too soon. She thought she was ready, but she’s not yet. 

The Triple Double Brush Off

Part One: Owen and Amelia – Amelia was still rocked that Owen was drunk as a skunk the night she was supposed to cook lobster with him at the trailer. She avoided Hunt at work and wouldn’t respond to his texts or calls. After Stephanie gave him a “heads up” of where to find Amelia, Owen turned up at Meredith’s house. What followed was a heartbreaking conversation on the front porch as Amelia basically told Owen “not now and maybe never.”

I confess that I have mixed feelings about this. I’m not a fan of this relationship but if this is how it’s ending, I call foul. I totally get that Amelia needs to protect her sobriety above all else. That said, Owen made one mistake. One. How many times has Amelia done completely crazy stuff and he has not only taken her back but helped her through it? I don’t know. It seems really harsh. But maybe that’s me. Disagree? Leave a comment!

Part Two: Maggie and Andrew – Adorably clueless Maggie finally (after her pals forced her to see it) realized that DeLuca was being standoffish and distant and evasive (which is basically the Trifecta of Doom). Not one to mince words, Maggie confronted Andrew and when he couldn’t say that he wanted to be with Maggie, she broke things off. Oh Maggie. She doesn’t trust easily. This is going to sting. 

Part Three: Callie and Penny – Things started out on rocky ground with these two. First, Penny told Callie that she loves her and Callie’s response was “Thank You!” Ummm…what? Then, when Callie and Arizona’s daughter, Sofia Sloan-Torres, turned up in the ER with a cut on her head, Callie wigged out. She blamed Penny for not paging her and danced around the fact that Penny hasn’t met Sofia yet – even lying that Arizona was uncomfortable with the idea. Penny (also not one to be a shy violet) called Callie on her bad behavior and insisted that if they weren’t in the same place, that was fine, but lying to her face was not. After some thought and a conversation with Miranda, Callie realized that she was on the same page as Penny and invited her to join Callie and Sofia for ice cream. 

A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Finally, in the fine tradition of “WHAT?” moments we have come to know and love on this show, Catherine Avery showed up for a visit. Aware of April’s pregnancy because she and Richard don’t have secrets from one another, Catherine ignored Jackson’s directive to leave April alone and had a warm and concerned conversation with her former daughter-in-law, who was surprised but grateful. Too bad that in the end Catherine revealed to Jackson that it was all a ruse. She got April to confide in her so Catherine would know “what she knew and when she knew it.” Accusing April of legally committing fraud, Catherine assured Jackson that they could “go after her” and, presumably, the Japril baby. Noooooooooo!!!

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I’ve Been Worried About Her All Day

One last thing. Will turned up again at the end of the day, not mad but worried. Meredith explained the situation and admitted that she wanted to be ready but she wasn’t yet. It was the classic “it’s not you, it’s me” moment – and it was the truth. What followed was refreshing. Will agreed to step away, for now. But he gave Meredith fair warning that he’d be back, because she was worth the trouble. 


Meredith (to Will): “Get Out!”

Alex (Storming into Meredith’s house): “Where is he? I’ll kill him. Did he hurt you?”

Maggie (About Andrew): “You think he’s dumping me? That’s ridiculous!”

Amelia: “Unless it isn’t…”

Ben: “What’d you do?”

Owen: “Excuse me?”

Ben: “I know that look. I get that look whenever I piss off Miranda. She ignores my messages, too, and we live in the same house!”

April (to Jackson): “I just had the most unexpected conversation with your mother. It was really nice actually.”

Alex (to Meredith): “Whoa! You made a fire! It’s 70 degrees outside, but that’s cool.”

Meredith (to Alex): “I freaked out this morning.”

Alex (answering the door and finding Will): “You’re not pizza.”

Will (to Meredith): “I am so sorry if I did something to hurt you.”

Will: “You’re not ready.”

Meredith: “I guess I’m not. I want to be.”

Will: “Okay. Then I’ll back off for a little while. But so you’re prepared, I’m gonna call you again. And if you ignore me, I’m gonna show up again. And we’ll go back to sitting in the car talking and laughing. And I’ll still be waiting until you’re ready. Because I’m pretty sure you’re worth waiting for.”

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