After a strong six-episode first season in 2010, fans of AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Dead still have to wait several more months for the second season, but today they officially released the first photo from season 2, and it’s every bit as creepy as ever.

Sure, this photo of a yellow-eyed zombie girl isn’t as disgusting as when the survivors hacked up a zombie corpse and covered themselves with its guts and entrails, but it’s still eerie. At the very least, it’s proof that the make-up team for The Walking Dead deserves about six dozen Emmy awards.

walkingdeads2photo.jpgThe Walking Dead season 2 will premiere sometime in October, filling AMC’s fall gap between the end of Breaking Bad (premiering Sunday, July 17) and the start of Mad Men‘s fifth season in March 2012.

(Image courtesy of AMC)

John Kubicek

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