Yes, the show is off the air. But it is not off of our minds yet, so there is still plenty to report. We don’t know where Bones is going with that little pregnancy thing yet, unfortunately. Sorry. You’ll just have to be satisfied with other pieces of Bones and Finder news.

Thanks to some information picked up from TVLine, we can report some casting rumors from both Bones and The Finder. Of course, thanks to the time of the year, none of this is definite. What can you do?

A Sidekick for Booth?

No, this does not mean any sort of replacement for Brennan. Bones has already gone down that road and beaten the fans over their heads with the journey. So that’s not the issue here. Instead, Booth may be looking at a younger shadow over at the FBI.

Tina Majorino, who prominently played FBI Agent Genny Shaw during the season 6 episode, “The Hole in the Heart,” may be back next fall. The Shaw character was fairly obviously open-ended, so there’s no plot reason to not bring her back. And, according to a quote in TVLine, Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan would be fine with Majorino’s return: “We love Tina and would love to have her back next year.”

It’s only fair, if you think about it. Brennan has her endless parade of rotating squinterns, so why doesn’t Booth get help too? Granted, the character of Genny Shaw has thus far been pretty straight-laced. She’s going to have to come up with a whole bunch of quirks if the character is going to recur on a show like Bones.

And a New Sidekick for Walter

Over on The Finder, we’re definitely going to be have a new sidekick thrown into the mix. The co-star from the pilot episode (seen during Bones‘ season 6), Saffron Burrows will be replaced for the series itself.

Instead of an English bartender named Ike, we’re going to have a teenager named Willa.
Willa will be around 17 years old and will have the same sort of criminal, shady past that Ike was supposed to have. This probably means an awful lot of lock-picking and other petty crimes, unless Willa has a past as a very young criminal mastermind.

The part has not yet been cast. As far as any rumors are concerned, neither of the other main Finder characters (Walter and Leo) will change for the series.

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