What kind of brain power is really, really bad for birthday cake?

The new Syfy show, Alphas, will follow the adventures of a group of people with special, “alpha” power when it debuts on July 11. The show’s flawed heroes all have some skill, resulting from enhanced brain power. In the show, the powers are along the lines of super-strength, mind control and some funky electromagnetic stuff.

But, according to the video clip below, it can get a whole lot weirder than that:

Exactly what enhanced brain trick could make such a birthday-cake mess? I have no clue, but that has never stopped me from theorizing.

Possible “Logical” Explanations for the Birthday Cake Disaster:

  • It’s that adrenaline rush-thing the **Alphas promos have already mentioned.
  • The kid’s brain allows for the power of wish fulfillment in a big way.
  • Extensive heating caused by rapidly-firing neural synapses raises the air temperature around the kid’s head. The resulting pressure change creates a strong wind (think Backdraft), thereby obliterating the candles.

Will we be seeing such weird powers when Alphas debuts? It’s hard to say in advance, but this Alphas website seems to imply that there might be. Plus, a sneak peek of the July 11 episode gives some hints.

While the Alpha team members are a bit quirky (you’ve got to love superheroes who forget to carry change for the meter), there are no birthday cakes in evidence. The show does, however, hint at the possibility of a large number of super-types, and the birthday-cake video implies that it could get weird.

Too many bizarre powers might be a problem (remember a little show called Heroes?) if Alphas doesn’t manage to keep its premise grounded in science — or whatever passes for “science” on a show about superheroes. But a little bit of internal logic could easily go a long way in such a case. Alphas does appear to like its logic, considering that David Strathairn’s character has been shown in explanation-mode every time he talks.

Will that logic hold up when Alphas premieres? That is one wish that hopefully will be granted.

What do you think of the idea of “Alpha” power? Does it seem possible? Will it work for the TV show? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

(Image and videos courtesy of Syfy)

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