Every season has at least one. That episode in which not a whole lot happens. While words like “boring” or “filler” are a touch harsh, I’m not going to mince words. This week’s Grey’s Anatomy, “All Eyes On Me,” wasn’t great. It wasn’t terrible. It was just…meh. An episode to remind us that with 24 episodes per season, there will be the occasional snoozer. That said, this recap is happening, so buck up and let’s get to it: “A” story, “B” story, “C” story, “D” story plus baby steps forward for Meredith and Jackson.

The Dream Team

The central medical story this week revolved around a field trip of sorts as Callie, Meredith, Bailey, Jackson, and Jo (who was able to go along because she’d participated in the practice run, but whatever) journeyed to a military hospital outside of Seattle. Why on earth they didn’t take Owen (Army Major, Trauma God, Badass) Hunt with them is beyond me, but that’s neither here nor there. Our intrepid team made a night run to perform an emergency bizarre surgery (something about amputating a leg and the patient ending up with one leg in the middle of his body…) which they had barely practiced, let alone performed.

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Upon arrival, the team is immediately met with resistance in the form of Dr. Thorpe, the patient’s surgeon. He is gruff and confrontational, so of course Callie proclaimed that they were “miracle workers” and to step aside and let this team do their jobs. Oh Callie, I like you, but you have no filter. None. And you’re making promises you might not be able to keep. Anyway, long story short, the surgery went well in the beginning, hit a major snag in the middle, but was eventually a success due to Callie’s brilliance with an assist from Meredith who acknowledged that friends pushing you to do things you weren’t sure you could or even wanted to do was a good thing. 

Maluca … Sitting In A Tree

I’ve got to admit, with Crowen on hold, I’ve been in search of a “ship” and I just may have found one in Maggie Pierce and Andrew Deluca, aka Maluca. They are adorable, but they are also not remotely on the same page. Case in point: at the beginning of the episode, Andrew complained that Maggie considers him her dirty little secret. He wants their relationship out in the open. During the course of the day Maggie worked this through with the help of Amelia and Alex (sidebar: those Alex/Maggie scenes kind of made me yearn for Malex again!) and awkwardly announced her relationship publicly to a bemused Nathan (who couldn’t have cared less) and an amused Arizona (who proclaimed the whole thing horrible to witness). But, wait! Andrew looked clearly uncomfortable as Maggie drew him into an embrace in front of anyone. Did his conversations with fellow underlings about the perils of dating superiors change his mind about Maggie? Yikes! This is just what Maggie feared. Maluca!!!

Popularity Vultures 

Meanwhile, Karev had his hands full with an ER full of nasty, catty, wretched cheerleaders, each one worse than the last. Despite their friend being in mortal danger, they were the stereotypical “mean girls.” Stephanie and Penny looked on with a mix of curiosity and horror as the scenario brought back memories of high school. Penny never “wore a bow” in her hair and didn’t care, but Stephanie was the a cheerleader and squad leader. Thankfully, she used her powers for good and whipped those pony-tailed terrors into shape.

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Genius or Reckless?

Finally, while Penny and Steph played rock, paper, scissors to get dibs on a psych consult, April assigned it to Ben and a recurring intern (Spencer?) instead. When they got there, the patient was coding and Ben went all MacGyver, using a clipboard to open the guy’s chest. Richard was unimpressed, saying that Ben showed bravado rather than skill and that was dangerous. Miranda was both appalled and grudingly admiring. She suspended Ben for three days (no special treatment just because he’s her husband) but pressed him for every detail of the procedure. Does Ben have a future as a trauma surgeon? I bet Owen Hunt would say “yes.” Quick and dirty. No time to make things pretty. Hmmm…

Bits and Pieces

  • Amelia pondered “starting over” with Owen – chastely
  • Another military doctor, Dr. Vaughan, flirted with a startled Jackson
  • Dr. Thorpe wanted to “follow up” with Meredith! Despite initial cluelessness about his flirting, she gave him her number. I wonder if we’ll ever see Dr. Thorpe again?


Stephanie (about the freaky surgery): “That’s insane. I mean that in the best way.”

Meredith (to Penny!): “Wilson did the only trial run. Of course I would rather take you.”

Meredith: “What about we stop talking about Curt Morgan and focus and what we have to do?”

Callie: “Or we could talk about the fact that he’s tall and handsome, divorced, funny, doesn’t have kids, handsome…”

Bailey: “You said handsome twice.”

Callie: “That wasn’t an accident.”

Stephanie: “I was squad leader. It was exhausting.”

Penny: “You were the reason I hated high school.”

Dr. Siegel (as Spencer looks for a scalpel): “This is a PSYCH ward. There’s nothing sharp in here!”

Dr. Siegel (to Ben): “You’re not an attending?” (DUH! Ben’s scrubs are light blue!)

Bailey: “I’m not feeling good about this, Torres. You feeling good, Grey?”

Meredith: “We practiced it once. We’re about to pull an all-nighter. Sure. Feeling great.”

Jo: “She was flirting with him.”

Jackson: “She was not!”

Callie: “Well, I don’t see what not. She doesn’t know him the way we do.”

Jackson: “What the hell’s that mean?”

Callie (gesturing about his “pretty eyes”): “Oh, you know. We see you every day. We’re used to…all that.”

Dr. Thorpe: “I must say, you’re work is impeccable.”

Meredith: “You think so? Watch out. You almost sound glad we’re here.”

Maggie: “God, I hated high school.”

Alex: “Well, you were like eleven in high school.”

Alex (about Maluca): “I work with teenagers every day. I know what high school crap looks like.”

Alex: “I’m gonna need you to show me how you did that.” [taming the cheerleaders]

Stephanie: “Just a matter of leadership.”

Alex: “Yeah, but, no, really.”

Meredith: “We almost just killed that guy.”

Callie: “Oh my God, right?”

Jackson: “Skin of our teeth.”

Bailey: “Thank you, Jesus.”

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