If you’ve watched season 6 episode 19 of Pretty Little Liars, “Did You Miss Me?”, and you’re all caught up, you probably have a lot of questions. From Lucas’ strange return and even stranger offer for Hanna to her weird power play with Spencer over Caleb, there’s a lot of strange stuff going on in Rosewood. Even stranger than usual. While we love mystery as much as the next person, after six seasons of this show, we’d like it if some of these new mysteries didn’t drag on as long as is known to happen in Pretty Little Liars. Here are eight questions we’d like answered in the season 6 finale.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for season 6b of Pretty Little Liars.

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1. Is Lucas Actually a Genuine Guy?

Lucas has been more than generous with Hanna. He’s a multi-millionaire now, who for some reason is sticking around Rosewood. Not only that, but he also just happens to be there right when Hanna could need him. With no hesitation, he offers up his deluxe apartment to her, despite the fact that she has a perfectly good house to stay at with her mother. As if that wasn’t enough, he even offers to give her a million dollars to start her own clothing line in Rosewood. A million. I wish I had friends like that from high school. 

All of this seems way too good to be true, and in Rosewood, it usually is. Let’s not overlook that Hanna and the girls are being watched by a crazy stalker. Having Hanna stay in his hi-tech apartment would certainly make it easy for Lucas to keep tabs on her, no? Then again, maybe he really is just a nice guy who wants to do right by Hanna. Still, there was something a little off about the way he said, “I finally found a way to help you that no one else can.” Why were you looking so hard for a way to do that, Lucas? If he’s not the new villain, he’s got to at least be trying to put some moves on Hanna, right?

2. Will Hanna Dump Jordan?

Even if not for Lucas, it does seem inevitable. She’s been really distant from him and even most recently refused to go back to him in New York. Jordan’s been nothing but supportive, helpful and patient with Hanna, yet she still seems drawn to Rosewood. As of late, it seems that draw might have something to do with struggling to let Caleb go and be with her best friend. While that’s all understandable, we need to know if one of our Liars (other than Ali) is actually going to get married or not. We don’t want to wait until next season to find that out.

3. Who’s Got a Twin?

The twin theory of Pretty Little Liars has been confirmed by creator I. Marlene King, and she promised us answers “soon.” She said that once in November and then once again February. We’re not sure what her measuring system for time is, but “soon” better at least mean this season. Whoever has a twin has got to be somehow connected to this whole Charlotte mess, whether it be in killing her or in threatening the Liars to find out who killed her.

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4. Did Charlotte Actually Die?

This is a fairly new question and actually might piggyback on the “who has a twin?” question. In episode 19, Mona vaguely alludes to the possibility that Charlotte is actually alive, though she may not have even meant to. However, that can’t have been a writing accident. Could Charlotte have actually survived and is still somehow involved in this? Yes, we saw her in a casket. But what if that was the body of her twin? We must find out ASAP.

5. What Is Sara Harvey Up To?

Sara’s been a hot mess this whole season. She’s a serious woman of mystery. Her hotel room leads to a creepy basement. She went to Ali to tell her that she had grown close with Charlotte. She approached Mona and taunted her with the fact that the girls will never trust her after all she’s done to them over the years. What is her motive? Enough is enough already. Something is definitely up. We need to know who she’s working with (if anyone) and what she’s working on.

6. Where are the Missing Siblings?

Specifically, where are Jason DiLaurentis and Mike Montgomery? Both have had little mention in season 6b, with Mike being referenced a little more. We know that he was unhappy with his father and mother getting back together and refused to come home. Meanwhile, not much information has been given about Jason, which makes him all the more suspicious. Frankly, neither of these two can be trusted too much at this point and it would be nice to get a visual on them to either add them to the suspect list or completely count them off of it.

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7. Who Actually Killed Charlotte?

This has been the question at the center of the entire season 6b and it better not drag on as long as the “who is A?” question dragged on. While that was a great focal point of the show for 6 seasons, I’m not sure we’re ready for this to be the new mystery to try and match that time. With the way this season’s been going, leaving us with just another clue to who it was would really be unfair.

8. Who Is the New “A”?

This will probably not be answered in the finale, but it would be interesting if it was. Revealing it to us now when we know the series will be back for season 7 would make it so that the show takes a whole new direction next season. We’re usually focused on a “who’s after us” storyline, but answering that question for us could leave us open to exploring how the girls can face off against a known opponent.

The Pretty Little Liars season 6 finale airs Tuesday, March 15 at 8pm on Freeform.

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