In the twelfth episode of The Walking Dead season 7, titled “Say Yes,” Rick and Michonne get some much-needed alone time when they head out to search for guns. This gun-run leads to some cute moments for the couple, but it also allows them to have a serious discussion about the future. (This is a very good episode for fans of the Rick/Michonne relationship.) Meanwhile, back in Alexandria, Tara weighs a difficult decision, and Rosita turns to an unlikely ally for help.

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Rick and Michonne Get a Chance to Connect

The episode begins with a quick montage of Rick and Michonne out on a supply run. (Their main goal here is to get the guns that Jadis required as part of the deal she made with Rick.) They are having trouble finding supplies, but on the plus side, all of that alone time leads to plenty of, shall we say, recreational activities.

Their luck finally turns around when they come across a group of Saviors playing golf. Since the Saviors are distracted by their golf game, Rick and Michonne are able to steal their supplies. These supplies include pretzels and a new battery for the walkie that Jesus procured in a previous episode.

After their haul courtesy of the Saviors, Michonne wants to head back home, but Rick suggests that they stay out a little longer. Michonne agrees. As they continue their journey, they come across a school. When they approach the fence, they lure out a walker decked out in military garb, gun and all. They take out said walker and retrieve his gun. Rick then finds shell casings on the ground and wonders if there are more guns waiting to be found. Rick and Michonne decide to head up to the roof of the school for a better look, but that does not pan out well.

While on the roof, Rick and Michonne see what remains of a carnival set up in the back of the school. There are also more military walkers, as well as more guns. Despite the many walkers in their path, Rick and Michonne decide they can handle things. Alas, the roof they are standing on collapses before they can try. Luckily, they are saved by old gym mats cushioning their fall. Even luckier, there are ready-to-eat meals right there waiting for them. Yes, things are definitely looking up.

A Dangerously Close Call

Rick and Michonne share a quiet meal together and discuss the future. Michonne wants to know what happens after they beat Negan and the Saviors. She thinks that they’ll have to reorder the world once Negan is gone. While they put things back together, someone will need to lead, and Michonne thinks that should be Rick. Rick isn’t sure he wants to lead, but he does want to work with Michonne to set the world right again.

Rick says they don’t need to rush to get the guns because as long as they get them, they can take a little longer to get back home. (Rick clearly wants to indulge in this downtime with Michonne, away from the pressures and realities of their preparation for war.) Rick then distracts Michonne with some chili mac and cheese, and this leads to more naked recreational activities.

The next day, Rick and Michonne head out to kill the walkers and get the guns. They come up with a plan to block off some of the walkers with a car so they can slowly take out the others, but things go wrong and they wind up surrounded. They split up to tackle the herd, and things are going well until Rick spots a deer. (They saw the same deer earlier in the episode, and Rick joked that he still owes Michonne a deer since Negan took the last one.) Rick climbs on one of the rides to get a shot at the deer, but the ride ends up collapsing and Rick falls. Michonne sees Rick get overwhelmed by walkers, but by the time she gets to his position, she sees the walkers chowing down on something and assumes it is Rick.

Thinking the worst has happened, Michonne actually freezes and drops her sword. Thankfully, just as the walkers are going after her, Rick emerges alive and unharmed. He tosses Michonne her katana, and they finish off the rest of the walkers. Once the danger is over, Michonne runs into Rick’s arms and they share an emotional embrace. Michonne then realizes that the walkers were making a meal of the deer, not Rick. Despite their brush with death, Rick and Michonne make out well at the school since, once the walkers are dispatched, there are plenty of guns for the taking.

Rick and Michonne Discuss Their Future

On their drive back home, Michonne is noticeably upset by their close call and this leads to an important discussion with Rick. Rick tells Michonne that he’s been having trouble sleeping lately because of their recent losses. He tells her that Glenn was the one who saved him at the very start, but he wasn’t able to save Glenn. Rick is still carrying that around and probably will be for the rest of his life.

Rick then tells Michonne that they are going to lose people in this fight, maybe even each other. Michonne admits that when she saw him go down, she realized she can’t lose him, but Rick says she can. She can lose him, or he can lose her, or they can lose friends because it’s not about them anymore. Rick says it’s about the future now, and if he’s the one who doesn’t make it, Michonne will need to lead the others forward because “you’re the one who can.”

Later, Rick and company deliver the guns — 63 in total — to Jadis and her people. Alas, Jadis is not satisfied. She wants at least twice the amount of guns. Rick agrees but says he needs to keep some of the guns so his people can work on getting more. In a hilarious exchange, Rick negotiates with Jadis until he ends up with 20 guns and gets to keep the cat sculpture he previously stole for Michonne.

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Rosita Wants to Take Action Now

Rosita is still furious over their current situation under Negan’s rule, and she continues to take her anger out on those around her. She lashes out at Tara again when Tara tries to speak with her, and then she turns her attention to Father Gabriel. Rosita ends up blaming Gabriel for talking her out of her original plan to take down Negan. If he hadn’t talked her out of it, she might be dead. But Negan would be too, so it would’ve been worth it. She also blames him for the deaths of Olivia and Spencer and for Eugene’s capture. Gabriel casually accepts the “blame” for Rosita still being alive and asks her what she’s going to do with her life now. He says that “anything is possible until your heart stops beating.” Rosita leaves, still just as upset about everything.

At one point, Rosita heads out on her own to look for guns, but she comes up empty, save for a toy gun and a shirt splattered with walker remains. This does nothing to help her mood.

After Rick’s talk with Jadis signals more delays in attacking Negan and the Saviors, Rosita takes matters into her own hands. Instead of showing up to her scheduled watch, Rosita heads to the Hilltop. There, she tracks down Sasha at Abraham’s grave.

Rosita tells Sasha that she needs her help, and Sasha agrees, so long as she gets to take the shot. Rosita then gives Sasha one of the guns that Rick and Michonne found. They discuss the dangers of going after Negan at the Sanctuary, but they are both ready to take him out. However, they both also know that this is a suicide mission because they cannot afford for the Saviors to catch them.

(We have spent plenty of time with Rosita this season, so we are aware of her state of mind. We’ve been shown that Rosita is desperate to kill Negan to the point that she’d be willing to die for the chance. Alas, I can’t say the same about Sasha. The bulk of Sasha’s screen time this season has been about keeping Maggie safe, and she obviously can’t do that if she dies. While I can believe that Sasha wants Negan dead for everything he’s done, I wish the show would’ve devoted more time to her like they’ve done with Rosita. That way, we would know that she too is desperate enough to die in the process of taking Negan out.)

Tara Has a Decision to Make

Tara is having a bit of a moral quandary in this episode, as we see when she discusses her state of mind while babysitting Judith. (This is a really cute scene.) Tara obviously knows of a place where the group can find plenty of guns, but she doesn’t want to break her word by telling her people about the Oceanside community. She’s also worried that if Rick and company head to Oceanside, the two groups will end up fighting each other, and she doesn’t want anyone from either group to get hurt.

Later, after Rick agrees to get more guns for Jadis, Tara and Rick have a chat, and Tara says she has something to tell him. We do not see the rest of their conversation, but I think it’s safe to say that she’s about to inform him of the Oceanside community.

What did you think of this episode of The Walking Dead? Did you enjoy Rick and Michonne’s time away from the group? Do you agree with Rick that Michonne would be able to lead the group in his absence? Are you glad we got to see Judith again? What do you think of Rosita and Sasha’s plan to go after Negan on their own? Will their revenge mission undo all of Rick’s efforts to put together a force strong enough to defeat Negan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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