The brothers never see eye to eye on Supernatural. With Mary in the British Men of Letters, Sam and Dean are once again on different sides. Sam wants to give her a chance while Dean is quick to cut her out.

In “The Raid,” Sam visits the base for the British Men of Letters and gets a front-row seat to their strengths and weaknesses. The good news is that Sam finally gets his hands on the Colt and uses it on a very big bad.

Mary vs. Dean

The episode begins where we left off, with Mary explaining her involvement with the British Men of Letters to her sons. Dean is very unhappy with her decision, refusing to hear her out and kicking her out of the Bunker. Sam is more willing to try to understand her side of the story, which Dean doesn’t like. Dean wants his brother to choose a damn side already and stop playing the middle.

Mary returns to the BMOL Base with Mr. Ketch. It’s a pretty cool space, reminiscent of CTU from 24, only they’re fighting monsters, not terrorists. They even have the director (Miek Davies) plus a security specialist (Serena), gadget guy (Alton) and another American Hunter (Pierce).

The Vampire Extermination Plan

Mary begs Sam to hear her out and he agrees, going to the BMOL Base without telling Dean. Once there, Mick details their plan to kill all of the vampires in America. It’s a solid plan as stage one involves killing all the vampires in the Midwest one nest at a time, doing recon and studying their network. There’s only one nest left and Sam seems into it.

Dean and Ketch

While Sam is with his mom, Mr. Ketch visits the Bunker to recruit Dean using scotch and the promise of a vampire hunt. Ketch enjoys the brutality of hunting and killing monsters, which appeals to Dean. They visit the vampire nest the BMOL is tracking, but it’s empty. They find one female vampire and Ketch starts to viciously attack her, but that’s too far even for Dean. Dean gets her to admit that the nest is gone and they’re now hunting the Hunters.

The Vampires Become the Hunters

The Alpha Vampire (played once again by Rick Worthy) showed up at the vampire nest for a plan of his own. Instead of waiting to be killed, he takes the nest to the BMOL Base to hunt and kill the Hunters.

The vampires surround the best and inside, Sam, Mary and the BMOL hatch a plan. They need something to kill the Alpha Vampire, who the BMOL didn’t even know was in America. Mick pulls out the Colt. Sam is shocked to see it and disappointed his mom was the one who stole it. But unlike the useless BMOL, Sam actually knows the spell to create new bullets for it.

Sam and Mary run out to kill some vampires while Mick, Serena and Alton make the bullets. Things turn bad when the Alpha Vampire shows up because Pierce is actually a mole on his payroll. Just like that, Alton and Serena are dead. These British Men of Letters people may think they know what they’re doing, but they have zero practical field experience.

The Alpha Vampire wants the BMOL to leave America for good. Sam and Mary show up and Sam grabs the Colt. Mick stages a distraction so he can get Sam the bullets he made. In a supremely cool sequence designed to highlight how important the moment is, Sam fires the Colt and kills the Alpha Vampire. I guess he’s not one of the five creatures it can’t kill.

Sam’s Choice

After the attack, Dean and Ketch show up. Ketch takes Pierce away to deal with him while Dean apologizes to his mom and lets her back in. Mick is still in shock at how unprepared the BMOL truly was, but the organization does get some good news.

Sam agrees to work with the British Men of Letters. After killing the Alpha Vampire, he sees the virtue in aligning with them. As for Dean, Sam promises to get him on board eventually. I feel like if the BMOL would just offer all of their resources to the Winchesters and then let them take the lead in America, everything would be so simple.

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