After a several week break, we were all hoping for The Walking Dead to deliver some good old-fashioned zombie action to satisfy our craving. “The Suicide King” serves up a heaping dish of crazy. There is some crazy, wild shoot-out action to kick things off and even a healthy dose of crazy zombie gore throughout, but for the most part, it’s just a lot of people going crazy.

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The Real Governor Reveals Himself

We’ve known for a long time that the Governor has been dancing around in the land of insanity, but this week was his coming out party for the Woodbury folks. He has now opted for public shootings rather than town speeches, which saves a lot of time but isn’t great for morale. Even though most of the town is pretty pumped-up over the potential of a Dixon Brothers Death Match, they seem to not appreciate the shoot-out and gas bomb intermission. The citizens haven’t proven to be the most stable bunch considering how much they love their blood, but the Governor hiding out in his lair seems to make them less comfortable in Woodbury.  Well, there would also be that small problem of zombies now being free and snacking on them, too.

The Governor seems to have plunged into the pool of lunacy, and has written off his entire town. I can understand losing your zombie daughter and eye make for a traumatic night, but how does he plan to attack the prison by alienating his entire group? Then again, even though some seem afraid of the Governor’s new style, the town is populated with enough fools who’ll remain loyal to Captain One-Eyed Crazy.

Andrea Goes Nuts, Too

Speaking of fools, Andrea discovers her friends are still alive and that the Governor is unhinged, but she sticks around in Woodbury? I’m hoping she is done playing Funky Town with the Governor, but she still seems intent on defending him. Her speech in defense of the Governor is after he admitted he had Glenn and Maggie held captive and is now ready to declare war on her friends. Andrea has been a little unstable ever since losing her sister at the start of The Walking Dead series, but now she has slid into unsympathetic territory. How clueless is she to not realize Woodbury is an insane asylum destined for doom?  Instead, she is promising the citizens they’ll make it in the history books, because obviously there will be lots of time to write those while fending off zombies.

Rick’s Insanity is Official

There were a lot of doubters when I claimed Rick was waving goodbye to his sanity at the start of season 3. Now that he is waving his gun at innocent people because he saw his dead wife, I’d say his sanity is chilling out with the Governor’s.  It looks like Rick’s recent theatrics may be a sign that a new person will be stepping up as leader. I’m sure Rick will remain the main character, but it would be hard to empathize with his groups if they still trust Rick after he treats his gun like a baton.

Darryl Moseys Off into the Sunset

Who steps up as the new leader? Darryl would have been the perfect pick, but he is now playing in the woods with his brother. He’ll definitely be back soon enough, because he is a beloved character. He’ll likely be too busy trying to keep his brother alive to be a leader. It is important to mention that Norman Reedus (who plays Darryl) does a wonderful, understated performance of a torn character who feels obligated to desert his adopted family. The Walking Dead doesn’t often do subtle, but I feel the facials of Darryl tell a great, emotional story. Of course, the heartbroken Carol continues that emotion.

Tyreese the Future Leader?

Tyreese would be a great leader. At this point, the group is unaware he and Sasha are responsible for stopping a beatdown of Carl and Carol. The “Tyreese proves himself” moment must be coming soon.  Will it be defending against a Woodbury assault or having to knock down one of his own rebelling men? Tyreese at this point is a pretty intriguing character as he is trying to remain a tough leader but also keep his morals and honesty intact.

The Glenn Breakdown

Glenn has grown into leader material as season 3 has progressed. He experiences a bit of a meltdown on this week’s The Walking Dead. As a husband, I can understand how crushing and blood-boiling it would be to know he was unable to protect his love from a predator. Will Glenn eventually get his chance to avenge Maggie against the Governor? Maybe the more important question is if the Glenn and Maggie relationship can survive after the ordeal in Woodbury. It would be sad if the decision was to end the relationship, because it is one of the few sweet and nice things in the zombie apocalypse.  Especially now that Hershel deems Glenn is his son, which is a big step from the days he wouldn’t even let him in the farm house.

Need to Mention Michonne

Finally, I need to mention Michonne.  It isn’t like she did much this episode, but I can’t ever write one of these things without some Michonne love. Though there isn’t much love for her coming from the group.  The Rick hate seems misplaced, but then again, Rick is crazy. Sure, she disappeared for a bit when they went to Woodbury, but she still risked her life to get them back their friends.  It doesn’t really make sense that everyone distrusts Michonne so much.  Just like Tyreese, it is likely setting up a big moment where she can win over the group with her bravery and fine slicing skills.

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