“I never knew you had hills in your blood,” Boyd tells Raylan in tonight’s new episode of Justified.

Raylan has never been proud of where he comes from — not surprising when you have a father like Arlo. But it is Raylan’s other kin that winds up saving his life later in the episode.

We open with Colt asking the gas station attendant to look at the security camera footage so he can figure out where Ella Mae ran off to. He even pulls out his military police badge as a way of getting him to cooperate. He’s not able to pinpoint exactly how she left, but he does spot a police car pulling into view.

The next morning, Raylan meets Winona at her doctor’s appointment. He shares with her that he’s working on “the biggest case in our history” that could be a “real game changer.” They have a nice moment where Winona lets him feel the baby kicking.

Winona’s happiness at Raylan being there quickly changes, however, when she realizes he wasn’t early — he was a half-hour late and hadn’t gotten her text telling her of the appointment change. (This seems like a big deal in the episode, but never comes up again.) He doesn’t even stay long as he has to head back to work because his father has arrived from prison.

Following Arlo are tons and tons of case files, since Art had the Drew Thompson case transferred to his office — something that Agent Barkley is none too pleased about. Assistant US Attorney Vazquez brought in Arlo to tell everything he knows about Drew Thompson and Theo Tonin’s involvement in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Later that day, Barkley goes to Wynn Duffy’s trailer to meet with Wynn and Nick Augustine who works for the Tonins. Augustine is not happy with Barkley that Drew Thompson is still alive — and Barkely worries about how Tonin is taking it. Barkley wants to kill him, but Augustine says Tonin wants him alive for shooting Tonin in the eye and stealing his cocaine.

They continue to argue until finally Augustine kills him with a shot to the head, reminding him that Tonin has others in the FBI that work for him.

Colt goes to visit Sheriff Shelby for help finding Ella Mae. Without much help there, Colt goes to visit Boyd where he claims “it’s done.” He provides lies to all of Boyd’s questions, including “I’m cold” when Boyd asks what Ella Mae’s lasts words were.

Raylan goes to visit Constable Bob so he can meet with the female who broke into Raylan’s father’s house in the season premiere looking for answers on what she and her boyfriend were up to. She sends him to a man named Josiah and supposedly was told by Arlo to make them break into the house in the first place.

Josiah isn’t one to talk, so Raylan ties him to the passenger side of his car and starts to drive. Josiah doesn’t last long before he confesses that Arlo and Bo Crowder got the cocaine, while Drew Thompson got a doctor after he fell out of that plane decades ago. He also claims to know where Drew is hiding out.

Constable Bob swears the people Drew is hiding out with are cannibals. Raylan says it’s an old wives’ tale and he’s even somewhat related to them. He winds up recruiting Tim to help, but only if Raylan doesn’t make it back out of the woods alive.

Meanwhile, Johnny confronts Ava, who is making it seem like Ella Mae packed up and left, about Wynn’s new partnership with Boyd. (Wynn visited Boyd earlier in the episode where we assume he asked Boyd to help find Drew.)

Out in the woods, Raylan gets captured by the family that Drew is supposedly hiding out with — some of whom he’s actually related to, even if they don’t believe him. They lock him up, where he meets up, surprisingly, with Boyd who was also captured.

Josiah wound up screwing over both Raylan and Boyd who are able to get the upper hand on their captors for a bit, until three more men arrive, including their leader Cote. (Note: it was hard to tell what they called him, but it sounded like Cote.)

Raylan’s only saved when Mary, Arlo’s cousin, intervenes. They were still going to kill Boyd, until Raylan bargains for his life as well. 

Raylan learns from Mary that Drew Thompson left after he was nursed back to health after his jump from the plane. The last time she saw him was 10 years ago, rubbing elbows with important people in town.

Tim winds up meeting with Colt outside the spot where Raylan went into the woods. He quickly identifies him as military. And Colt stupidly asks for advice on how to find someone who is missing. Raylan then comes back out of the woods and tells Tim to call Art and call off Vazquez’s deal with Arlo since they no longer need him to find Drew Thompson. (Boyd also wants that deal shut down and offers money to Arlo’s attorney to do so later in the episode.)

Boyd calls Wynn Duffy and demands more of a reward for his helping in finding Drew–now he wants half of the cocaine business in all of Kentucky. Wynn then reminds Johnny that once Boyd finds Drew, he is free to kill him.

Colt goes to Sheriff Shelby and demands Ella Mae. Shelby claims the patrolman from the security camera footage saw Ella Mae get into an 18 wheeler, driven by someone she appeared to know. After Colt leaves, however, we see that Shelby is hiding Ella Mae. He tells her that Colt was going to kill her and he will make sure no one hurts her. Shelby intends to use Ella Mae to bring down Boyd.

Raylan goes to see Josiah again and sees an ankle monitoring bracelet cut, as well as a body part. (It was too dark to tell in the episode what it was.)

“Kin” provided a lot of momentum on the Drew Thompson storyline, even if we’ve yet to meet the man. At the same point, multiple fronts are getting ready to confront Boyd and it’s becoming increasingly likely that he may not survive the season.

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Alan Danzis

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