It’s a rough time to be a fan of The Good Wife. The show is as good as it has ever been, yet it’s become a victim to the nonstop parade of Sunday night special events.

It got bumped on January 20 for the AFC Championship game. Last week was the Super Bowl, this week is the Grammys and February 24 is the Oscars, resulting in yet another preemption.

What does that mean for you? The next new episode of The Good Wife airs Sunday, February 17 at 9pm, and then it returns again on March 3. But this constant stop and start is worth it because The Good Wife is at the top of its game.

The February 17 episode, “Red Team/Blue Team” (which is the only new episode of The Good Wife airing in the entire month of February), is a perfect example of everything going right. There’s comedy, drama, legal tension, a ton of great guest stars and even a little hint of romance.

Here are five spoilers to keep you excited until The Good Wife returns.

It’s War

An energy drink accused of negligent homicide asks Lockhart/Gardner to run a mock trial to prepare their defense, so Diane and Will ask Alicia and Cary to act as the opposition. Just like that, the battle lines are drawn and the struggle inside the mock court isn’t the only war Alicia and Cary are fighting against Diane and Will. There’s a big twist regarding all of those partnership offers to the fourth-year associates, causing Alicia and Cary to become allies. Their odd little friendship continues to be one of the tiny pleasures of the show.

Eli and the Guest Stars

Eli Gold’s legal issues with the feds move forward and it’s all about the amazing guest stars. T.R. Knight is still around as the wily Jordan and Carrie Preston is back as Eli’s lawyer Elsbeth Tascioni (a role so extraordinarily performed that it will be a crime if she doesn’t win the Guest Actress Emmy this year). On the other side of the table is the accordion-playing agent played by Hamish Linklater and the lawyer going after Eli, a formidable opponent played by Kyle MacLachlan. And if you thought Twin Peaks was full of odd characters, wait until you meet his new lawyer who isn’t afraid to tear up the rulebook.

Will and Alicia

This season Alicia has been pretty happy-go-lucky, sexing up her husband in the campaign bus every chance she gets. The whole Will and Alicia romance is basically a thing of the past. But there’s definitely a moment in this episode that may or may not give hope to fans who want to see Will and Alicia back together.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

There are several shocking and potentially game-changing offers in this episode. Two are made to Alicia and one is made to Eli. Saying much more would ruin the surprises, but I will say that at least one is accepted.

The Funniest Witness Ever

You might think that a woman testifying about the tragic death of her teenage granddaughter would be the most serious and emotional moment of the episode. You’d be wrong. In fact, it’s the funniest.

All of this and more can be seen in the next new episode of The Good Wife on Sunday, February 17. It’s definitely worth the wait.

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