The latest episode of The Walking Dead may be titled “When the Dead Come Knocking,” but anyone who watches it knows it should be called, “The Night Glenn Proves He’s a Bad Ass.” This episode is all about Glenn proving he is a tough guy. Season 3 has shown Glenn grow and become more confident and acquire leadership skills, but tonight we learn he can take a punch and battle a zombie while tied to a chair. The fact of the day is that Glenn is pure, 100% bad ass.

Glenn the Zombie-Killing Warrior

If a year ago, you were asked, “What Walking Dead character will break free from a chair he is tied to and then use a broken piece to kill a zombie?” is there any way you’d answer with Glenn? Tonight, my wife yelled out, “Way to go, Glenn” when he kills the zombie, and he may now be ready to be the next great zombie-killing warrior.

Unfortunately, Glenn never has a chance to celebrate his demonstration of toughness. The poor guy not only has his face ground into beef, but he also finds his girlfriend half naked and humiliated. Poor Maggie probably suffers through a worse day than Glenn, and has it topped off with seeing her boyfriend threatened with a gun to his head. After everything she endures, hopefully Glenn can understand why she reveals the location of the rest of the crew.

Breaking into Woodbury

Of course, most of the crew isn’t even at the prison now. Glenn is correct with his threat to Merle, because the Rick cavalry is coming to save the day. They may be completely outnumbered, but I’m still going to place all my bets on a Rick victory. They’ve had to endure far more and are constantly fighting for their lives, while the Governor’s crew has been able to get fat off cold drinks and occasionally kills a few unsuspecting soldiers.

The big disadvantage for Rick’s group will possibly be Darryl. Will he be willing to fight his own brother? Is Merle even ready to kill his brother? Merle is a pretty despicable character, but it appears that he at least loves his brother. The Walking Dead once again proves how different the two brothers have become. Merle spends most of the episode beating up a defenseless Glenn and even tries to kill him with a zombie, while Darryl is being commended by Rick for being a great leader and taking care of his daughter during the time he was having his breakdown.

Governor Proves He’s Scum

Will the appearance of Rick and crew finally wake Andrea up? The zombie guts are disgusting, but knowing Andrea is sleeping with slime like the Governor is even more revolting. The Governor proves what a bucket of scum he is when he forces Maggie to strip off her top.

The only redeemable thing about the Governor is his love for his daughter. It is creepy he is combing the scalp off his zombie daughter, but there is some morbid sweetness to his loyalty to his child. I assume the studies by Milton are being done, because the Governor wants proof there is still some humanity in his daughter. 

Anyone Understand the Cabin Scene?

Before we can get our big Rick vs. Governor showdown, we need Michonne to kill a wood hobo.  And what’s going on with that random cabin in the woods? The guy appears to be completely clueless to the fact there was a zombie apocalypse, and isn’t disturbed by the rotting dog in his home. His part of the woods seems to have a very high concentration of zombies, so it would be rather hard to be oblivious to the changes of the world.

I am assuming the whole scene is created, because the writers decided it’s about time Michonne slice up a human again. Plus, they need an excuse to have a scene of zombies having a Thanksgiving feast on a human corpse.           

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Chris Spicer

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV