I’ve had several Walking Dead fans tell me how I’m wrong about Rick descending into madness and that he is actually an amazing leader. It seems like the death of Lori did an excellent job in finally proving I’m right. Is there anyone who would want to be led by the crazy man with an ax hacking away zombies for the sole purpose of blowing off steam? Are there any thumbs up for his leadership skills when he slammed poor Glenn against the wall?

Rick’s Battle With Sanity

I realize Rick just lost his wife and he never got to express his true feelings for her. His zombie-cutting field trip is just a way to deal with his guilt and grief. He isn’t spending the rest of season 3 chilling out with decapitated zombies in the bowels of the prison. I’m not only rooting for Rick, but I know he’ll pull through. It is likely Governor’s victory of the “Captain Crazy Sweepstakes” has shown me that life with Rick is still pretty safe. Well, it will be after he has finished his phone call.

Wait, what?

The Mysterious Phone Call

I don’t read the comics, and so everything that happens on this show is unspoiled for me. At what point did phones suddenly become a thing that can be used? It probably isn’t Hershel calling to ask Rick to pick up some milk. There is yet another mysterious character lurking about, and he enjoys interrupting a man’s crucial zombie-murdering stage of the grieving process. It obviously has to be someone who has the number to the prison. This person also knows someone would be at the prison. Things are about to get even more interesting for our zombie-killing crew.

New Leader Darryl?

Rick isn’t a standout leader this week, but “Say the Word” proves Darryl has really developed as a character. Back in season 1, Darryl would have been voted the worst and smelliest leader ever. I don’t think he smells like roses yet, but he really steps it up for the group. Darryl proves he has a huge heart when he declares that he refuses to allow another person to die and he will find formula for the newborn girl. He’s also compassionate when he asks Beth to look after Carl, because if a boy just loses his mother, then he definitely wants consolation from his crush. The sweetest moment of the episode — because The Walking Dead sneaks those in sometimes — is Darryl nursing the baby.

Michonne and Andrea Break Up

Back at Woodbury, the Governor continues to prove he is the opposite of a great leader. He does less than stellar things like hide away his zombie daughter, endorse wrestling matches where zombies replace the ropes and piss off Michonne to the point she tickles his neck with her sword. Even though the guy is a disaster, his charms work on Andrea and result in her breaking up with Michonne. Andrea seems to have finally realized Woodbury may not be the greatest place ever, and she may be better off battling in the wilderness with her best buddy. It is a little too late because Michonne is long gone.

Michonne walking away from Woodbury won’t be the end. Obviously, she is going to be a crucial character this season. She is also the only person that realizes the Governor may be the most dangerous person in The Walking Dead universe. The bond with Andrea seems to be a tight one, and at some point, she may return in order to save Andrea. There is also a chance that Andrea will uncover the Governor’s world of crazy and either try to escape Woodbury or reveal his secrets to the populace. As for Michonne, will she wander around looking for new zombie pets or will she discover the prison? As long as she continues to slice and dice zombies, I’ll look forward to whatever she does.

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Chris Spicer

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