In tonight’s episode, “The Apprenticeship”, the team investigates the murders of several prostitutes and Morgan (Shemar Moore) coaches Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) through a new experience. Read on to find out what the Criminal Minds writers have in-store for us this week.

Toby and Turner

After an Unsub makes the move from animal victims to human ones, the agents take on the case. They soon realize that they are looking for a team of Unsubs, one who is only an adolescent and another who is much older. The older Unsub, Turner, is mentoring the younger one on how to be a better killer. Eventually, the team learns that Turner was also mentored and is passing on the killing legacy in the same way it was passed on to him.

The younger Unsub, Toby, eventually steps up the game by kidnapping his boss, Holly. Turner is not thrilled about this, as one of the main rules is to never target someone you know. The two Unsubs, both psychopaths, get into a fight and Turner kills his protege. The team arrives just as Turner is about to kill Holly. Turner, an ex-con, then commits suicide-by-cop to avoid going back to prison and Holly is rescued.

Is Reid a Secret Athlete?

The episode begins with Morgan coaching Reid through batting practice. Apparently, the bureau has a softball team and Morgan chose Reid to serve as another body on said team, just in case. Reid and the other agents question Morgan’s belief in Reid’s athletic prowess, but Morgan is determined to help Reid see things through.

In the episode’s final scene, Reid has to step up when another player misses the game and the entire BAU family comes to watch. It’s the bottom of the ninth, there are 2 outs and Reid is the team’s last hope. Morgan convinces Reid to stop thinking and just let things happen. Reid steps up to bat, gets two strikes and then miraculously hits the ball on his final try.

Morgan and Reid both score, leading their team to victory. (The look on Reid’s face is absolutely delightful and almost makes up for all of the dead puppy references throughout the episode.) Everyone celebrates Reid’s victory while the BAU stalker/season-long Unsub looks on.

The Mysterious Unsub

On the plane home, Hotch gets a call from Dallas PD. They have found the body of a male victim whose mouth has been sewn shut. Rossi (Joe Mantegna) and Hotch discuss the murder and its obvious ties to the Silencer case they solved in the season 8 premiere. Rossi points out that it must be a copy-cat, as the Silencer is dead. And yet, both men are clearly worried about this incident.

How long will it take the agents to put together the pieces that lead to this season-long Unsub? What are the Unsub’s goals, other than messing with the team? And is this Unsub someone from the team’s past, perhaps even a former victim?
Do you have any thoughts on tonight’s case, Reid’s softball skills or the Unsub gunning for our team? If so, let us know in the comments section.

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