Well it’s almost time for Thanksgiving and what better way to celebrate than being reminded that someone knows all your deep dark secrets.

You may remember a few weeks ago, around Halloween, “A” sent a friendly reminder that she still holds all the Liars secrets and it’s very easy for her to let one slip. It looks like this Thanksgiving she is sending another warning. (I mean, friendly reminder.) 

Today, I was presented with an apple pie from the UPS delivery person. Perfect! Now I have a dessert to bring to the family Thanksgiving dinner. But this particular pie came with a note and secret website. It may not be the smartest idea, but I’m going to share with you the details.

The post card was from Alison (aka “A”). She wrote:


IMG00006-20101123-1417.jpgI really hope nothing in that pie melts!

Then, I went to the website and found another sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars, returning January 3. I must admit Emily’s mom, Pam, brings up a very good point. The town could be safer with Toby locked up. But then again, Emily is right. There is often more to every story. “A” has definitely taught us that. Watch the clip below:

So what do you think? Who knows, maybe Toby isn’t even locked up. I really don’t trust anyone or anything when it comes to PLL.
Remember to catch up with Pretty Little Liars January 3 with a marathon on ABC Family that leads up to the winter premiere.

(Image and video courtesy of ABC Family) 

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